10 Top Flat Irons Reviewed – Which One Do You Want?

Best Flat Iron

Some girls are born with natural curls wherein half may love their curls while the others loathe them. If ever you are one of them it actually just depends on how you embrace the kind of hair you are born with.

But it is also understandable that there are times that girls just want to explore and experiment with their hair. For sure you have thought of having straight hair for once in your life.

No problem with that! You can achieve straight hair in just minutes using a flat iron. You can rely on this tool if you need to have quick, straight hair for a special occasion that you need to last for the whole day. Sure, that is possible.

But the catch is that you need to invest in a good flat iron. This is important so that you can achieve that frizz-free and enviable look.

High-quality flat irons work faster than cheap and fake ones, saving you more time on working on your hair. You end up having smoother and less damaged hair if you opt to use a great iron. It is like you just stepped right out the salon!

How to choose the best flat iron

In choosing the best flat iron you must consider the plate width. There are those with ½-inch plates that are considered great for pretty much any and every hair length and type. But if you have really long or thick hair you may want to opt for a wider plate as this may be more efficient. Those with short hair can go with a smaller plate, preferably one-inch plates since you will feel more control.

Look into the shape as well. Flat irons are not only for straightening your hair but can also be used to make curls and waves. The best flatirons are those that can achieve multiple hairstyles, that is why it is better to choose those that have rounded edges.

Think of the temperature too. Look for hair irons that have adjustable temperature settings so you can adjust the heat according to your preference. Thin and fine hair would most likely need a lower temperature while coarse, curly, or thick hair needs to work with a higher one.

The top flat irons are also the ceramic irons which are pretty standard these days. They emit negative ions that reduce frizz and smooth hair. It is also known to work on all types of hair.

What to look for in a good flat iron

A flatiron is considered good when it is an ionic one. This is because it emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions of the hair, creating a shiny and sleek look. Ionic flat irons are really proven and tested to improve the shine factor of the hair, plus they work great on frizzy locks.

You may also look for an iron that use nano technology. It is literally all about small particles that help smooth the hair. You can choose among nano irons like the Nano Ceramic, Nano Silver, Nano Titanium, and Nano Tourmaline.

And speaking of tourmaline, this material is something you can also look for in a good flat iron. Tourmaline irons are typically made using crushed tourmaline partnered with ceramic in order to flatten and smooth strands. Though they are usually less intense compared to Titanium irons they still achieve good results.

Find out if the straightener also has a warranty, especially if it is an expensive one. Most have one-year warranties but some do not so always remember to check. Even if it is expensive it does not guarantee that the product is durable.

That is why you need a product that has a warranty in order for you to return it and ask for a replacement if the situation requires. You don’t want to just throw away your money like that, right? Better be safe than sorry!





HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron HSI Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener, with Glove, Pouch and Travel Size Argan Oil Leave-in Hair Treatment (Packaging May Vary)  $  4.4/5
CHI Original Pro 1" Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener  $$  3.4/5
MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener (Negative Ionic Technology) with 2 Salon Clips, 1-Inch, Black MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener  $  4.8/5
Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron (Black Titanium Plate)  $$  4.2/5
HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Glove, Pouch and Argan Oil Treatment

 $$$ 4.3/5
Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler, 1 Inch with 5 Heat Control Settings, Auto shutoff

Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler, 1 Inch with 5 Heat Control Settings, Auto shutoff

 $$  4.9/5
Wazor Hair Flat Iron 1 Inch Ceramic Titanium Hair Straightener

Wazor Hair Flat Iron 1 Inch Ceramic Titanium Hair Straightener Negative Ionic Flat Iron Dual Voltage For Worldwide Use With Temp Setting And Auto Shut Off Black

 $  4.9/5
 Flat Iron, EUPH Vibrating Ionic Hair Straightener with Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Plates

Flat Iron, EUPH Vibrating Ionic Hair Straightener with Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Plates Dual Voltage Digital Display

 $  5.0/5
KIPOZI Pro 1.5 Inch Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Nano-Titanium Plate

KIPOZI Pro 1.5 Inch Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Nano-Titanium Plate,LCD Display,Achieve Salon 450F Anti Frizz,Dual Voltage

 $  4.7/5
Moroccan Hit 1.75-Inch Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Moroccan Hit 1.75-Inch Titanium Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener with Variable Temp and LCD Display

 $$  4.9/5

HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron hair straightener

Thinking of buying a flat iron? Well, do not just choose any tool! Instead, go with the Professional HSI Flat Iron and start your journey to a beautiful straight hair!

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener


  • Swivel cord can turn 360 degrees
  • Wide enough for any hair type and hair length (but narrow enough for bangs)
  • Can flip, straighten and curl any type of hair (from fine to coarse)
  • Has dual voltage of 110v to 220v that is compatible worldwide
  • Uses advanced infrared heat technology
  • Helps smoothen and protect tresses using Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment
  • Suitable to all hair types with its adjustable temperature from 120C to 200C or 240F to 400F


The Professional HSI Iron has one-inch ceramic tourmaline ion plates that help you get a silkier and shinier hair in an instant. No matter what your hair style is, you can depend on this tool since it can accommodate just any kind of hair.

Its swivel as well a flash quick heating cord will let you achieve a good style too, minus the mess and hours of styling. Further, this product is not only for getting that smooth and straight hair, but is also capable of curling and flipping your hair delicately.

Further, this one has an ergonomic design for easy grip, plus adjustable heat settings for you to control the temperature. The moist ceramic heat and solid ceramic plates and coils help maintain an even temperature. So buy this now and you get a nice traveling bag, heat glove and a user instruction manual too!


Turning this flat iron on may require pressing the reset switch more often. It has no automatic shut off timer as well so be mindful of unplugging it or else, it may cause accidents.

Reports also state that the plates seem to not touch completely, making it unable to straighten hair. It does not get very hot too, even if you choose the maximum temperature. Your hair tends to get snagged or pulled as well.


This product is still highly recommended despite its issues. It can really transform dull and frizzy hair into a straight and sleek one. Gorgeous curls are also possible even if it is a flat iron. It is a high-quality product too with its ceramic tourmaline ion plates and ergonomic design.

Further, its versatile heat settings is something that other irons can’t provide you. Truly, this one is the product that can accommodate just any hair type!

CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener

If you can’t decide what hairstyle to have, well, you can always try the sleek and straight hair or the gorgeous, bubbly curls. But even if you want other hairstyles, you can definitely achieve them, especially when you buy the Chi Original Professional Hairstyling Flat Iron!


  • Utilizes Far Infrared that reduces static electricity to achieve the perfect hairstyle
  • Uses the latest innovative technology that combines tourmaline ceramic with even heat distribution
  • Known for quick heat up with a great swivel cord
  • Ideal for all hairstyle needs
  • Has two-year limited warranty for floating plates


The Chi Original Professional Hairstyling Iron uses the latest innovative technology. That is, combining even heat distribution with tourmaline ceramic to produce a whopping amount of negative ions and Far Infrared to lessen static electricity, giving you the perfect hairstyle.

Its quick heat up and swivel cord features also help reduce frizz and static. It also owns a two-year warranty to assure you of a replacement if the need arises.

Further, it can give you a soft and shiny hair that can last the whole day. Plus, you can style your hair in just a short amount of time. And the best part is that you get to keep this flat iron for a long time because it is durable enough to straighten or curl your hair.


A disadvantage of this product is that it has a lot of fake versions, so be careful when you buy. You can easily spot a fake from a true Chi iron by looking at the plug. It must have a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter of GFCI that contains a reset button found on the plug.

The label or tag shall also have a warning or caution label plus other iron details engraved into it. The switch and LED light also have to be placed side by side. A clear LED light when the flat iron is turned on indicates you own an authentic Chi product. Lastly, the logo must be printed directly on the handle’s round plastic cup, most likely in the middle.


Despite the existence of fake Chi irons, the product is still very much recommendable, especially the authentic one. Not only do you get a high quality flat iron consisting of the latest materials and uses the latest technology, but you also get to keep a durable tool to help you with your hairstyles.

MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Do you want to have that salon-type of hair transformation without actually going to the salon? Maybe you want to save money, or you are just too lazy to leave your house. Well, no worries on that.

You can style your hair on your own if that is what you want. And do not just use any flat iron for that. Be sure to choose a high-quality hair styler, just like the MHD Professional Flat Iron Hair!


  • Has a sleep mode
  • Achieves perfect waves and curls with a high-shine and salon finish through its contoured edges
  • Can style fine or more damaged hair with its three adjustable settings: 284F, 356F and 446F
  • Helps you get that locked in natural color and moisture with its emitting negative ions that quickly seal hair shafts
  • Consists smooth plates that help straighten all hair length and types easily and quickly


The MHD Professional Hair Straightener has adjustable heat settings which are 284F, 356F and 446F). It has 3D floating plates that are flexible enough to follow force direction as well as distribute heat evenly to protect hair cuticles. It has an auto shut off feature that turns off the iron automatically after 30 minutes of inactivity. It has a functioning LED indicator plus sprays negative ions using its ionic generator.

The tail line of this tool can also rotate 360 degrees so it is flexible, tangle-free and can swivel, given its 2.65m length so you can use it easily and safely. Store it easily after use too by just pushing the handle lock when you are done styling. Further, it has a two-year warranty and can style any hair type.


A short heating plate is one concern. Another is that it has a confusing dial and does not curl well enough according to some users. Oddly enough, some also reported that it curls better than it straightens the hair….


This product is recommended to every woman who wants a great hair styler! The adjustable temperature settings help you choose your preferred heat. Also, it does not burn your hair or leave an annoying small bump on your hair. The ionic generator also sprays negative ions that help remove the positive ions on your hair as this removes static electricity.

So curl, straighten or make your hair wavy with this product and sure enough, your will end up with a crowning glory that will make you look like you just had a salon session!

Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

Media portrays that the desirable hair style is the long, straight and sleek hair. Since most women do not have this kind of hair, they seek help from certain tools that can help them achieve that.

Flatirons, for instance, come in handy as they can straighten your hair in just a matter of minutes. Further, it can last the whole day. So to start, why not try the Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron!


  • Consists of an auto shut off feature for safety
  • Has combined titanium ionic plates intended for far-infrared heat results
  • Utilizes the most advanced ceramic technology that makes it 60 percent faster
  • Contains an FND digital display with a digital temperature control system for maintaining precise temperature for each heat setting
  • Has an advanced nano-silver technology for deodorization and sterilization
  • Has 25 heat settings for its digital temperature control that ranges from 200F to 45F (increments of 10F)


The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Iron uses the advanced nano-silver technology that lets this tool get enough deodorization and sterilization. It has features like the auto-shut off and adjustable temperature settings, from 200F to 450F.

Its combined titanium ionic plates ensure you get shiny and smooth hair and hair cuticles. Also, its FND digital display as well as digital temperature control system helps maintains the precise temperature for all its heat settings.

Further, this tool works 60 percent faster and more effective than others when it comes to straightening and curling hair. That is because it uses the most advanced ceramic technology. It is lightweight too and can quickly heat up and cool down. Plus, buying this hair iron also means getting a heat resistant mat or pouch intended for protecting your table surfaces.


The iron is said to be flimsy after just a few months use.  It may not worth the money according to a lot of customers.


This flat iron is highly recommendable as it only has minimal disadvantages. True enough, it can get the job done of straightening and curling your hair in a short span of time. It surely does not burn hair as well so you are confident of not damaging your hair.

Also, it has adjustable heat settings that let you choose your preferred heat in styling your hair. Its titanium plates can also give you that straight and sleek hair in an instant. Truly, this product is a must-have!

HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair

If you like styling your hair, may it be straight or curly, no worries on that! Flat irons can do that for you. But do not just choose any product. Rather choose something like the HSI Professional Flat Iron for an assured great hairstyling tool!


  • Consists of LCD temperature control that has an adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F
  • Comes with a free heat glove, heat pouch for storage and a 5ml Argan oil leave in conditioner bottle
  • Has a round body shape design allowing unique curling and flipping styles
  • Its plates are 100 percent true solid ceramic tourmaline
  • Has a power button that needs to be held down for around three seconds to fully turn on and heat up


The HSI Professional Iron has a revolutionary ceramic ionic system that guarantees you a hydrated and shiny hair. It also uses a smart infrared technology that acts in depth to give you those sleek locks.

Its dual voltage worldwide edition contains 100 percent solid ceramic tourmaline plates that help protect your hair and give it extra shine.  Also, its curved round edges makes you easily curl, flip and straighten your hair.

You can also choose among the temperatures provided, which has a maximum of 450F. The ergonomic design and 360-degree swivel cord are also some features that would make your hair styling fun and effortless.

To add, this product is heavy-duty to last long enough. It also has an automatic turn off feature so even if you forget to turn it off, it can do so all on its own.


After using for just a few months, this tool already stopped functioning. The temperature does not stay hot for long too as it heats up, cools down, and heats up again, making it inconsistent.

No warranty or return policy for this product as well so if you need a replacement, sadly, it is not possible. Others also unfortunately experienced some accidents using this tool, like sparked flames and blow outs.


Still a highly recommendable product, this tool can get you that sleek and straight hair in no time. Thanks to its smart infrared technology and revolutionary ceramic ionic system, it can get the job done quicker and easier than other flat irons.

It also has high quality and 100 percent solid ceramic tourmaline plates to guarantee you a well-protected hair. Further, its curved round edges makes it easy to style your hair with any way you want, from curly to straight to wavy!

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Thanks for reading and we hope you have found this information helpful in your quest for the perfect straightener!