Best Straightener For Thick Hair

Thick hair is exceedingly beautiful to look at. However, having thick hair can be hard to manage at times. It is especially so if you prefer having a straight look rather than your naturally curly one. As a result, we are aware the trick in getting your beautiful thick hair straight is using the best straightener for thick hair.

Hair straighteners, which are also, known as flat irons are designed with heated plates to iron the kinks present in each strand of your hair.

Whether you have slightly wavy or curly thick locks, the flat iron can straighten the follicle better than most other styling devices, such as a blow dryer, or a paddle brush. The key to achieving optimum hair care and straightening without damaging, is choosing the best flat iron available for your hair type.

Which flat iron should you use? Read on to help guide you on how to choose, and be more informed about what is available in the market.

What you should look for in a flat iron for thick hair

 When purchasing the best flat iron for thick hair, there are a few things you will need to consider. Before making the final decision on the flat iron you need to ask yourself the following:-

 What type of iron plate do I need?

The iron plates found on flat irons have been made from a variety of materials; this is from ceramic to even titanium (see below). Thus, you will need to do a little research on which plate is best for your hairstyle as it can go a long way.

 Does the flat iron include adjustable temperatures?

Normally, hair burns at about 450 degrees, hence, you do not want a hair straightening iron that would get hotter than that. For the thick type of hair, the ideal temperature is between 380 to 410 degrees.

 Does the flat iron shut off automatically?

There is nothing worse than leaving the house and spending hours wondering if you switched off your flat iron after use. If this is a big problem for you, then you will need to consider a flat iron that has been designed with an automatic shut-off mechanism. It will save you a lot of time worrying about your flat iron; as a result, this could prevent fire damage or burns.

 What is the size of the plate?

Flat irons have been designed in a number of sizes; this is from ½ inch to 2 inches in width. If you have short thick hair, it would be advisable to get a flat iron with ½ inch width, but if your hair is long, the 2-inch width is a better choice.

 Does it have any accessories?

Some flat irons could come with attached combs or brushes that help in straightening your hair. However, when you use them, they could get tangled in your hair, especially if it is long, which could cause damage and burns. Therefore, when purchasing the flat iron, it is also important to consider these accessories carefully.

Some popular choices of flat iron


The ceramic flat iron is very popular as it is the most economical option for thick hair. It is a great option for straightening and smoothing your hair at low temperatures. Most of the ceramic flat irons will offer you ionic technology, which is electronic ionizers that can generate negative ions.

In turn, the ions will neutralize the positive ions and effectively seal your hair cuticles. The result from the use of a ceramic iron is frizz-free, shiny hair, accordingly, making light reflect off your hair very easily. The flat iron guarantees long-lasting, durable and effective manageable hair.


Most of the ceramic flat irons you will find in the market will also have tourmaline included in the title. What this means, this type of styling tools has been designed with prismatic crystals that have been added after being crushed to fine powder. The crushed minerals will help in smoothing your hair cuticles, as a result; it will prevent any further heat damage caused to your hair. When using a tourmaline hair straightener means most of the time you will pass over each section of your hair just once, this results in less risk of heat damage caused to your hair.


Flat irons that have been designed with titanium plates are often sought after, because, Titanium is the only metal able to offer best results in flatness and even sheen for your curly hair. Thus, we could consider it among the best straightener for thick hair.

The flat iron comes in a wider range of settings to ensure the level of control is always in your favor while you are using it, and when it comes to minimizing the heat damage possibilities. As a result, if you like straightening your hair every day and your hair is ‘heat trained’ then you should consider this type of flat iron. Consider the titanium iron as a hair care investment as it can withstand the ultra-high heat and it resists corrosion.

Top 3 flat iron straighteners for thick hair

With a wide range of flat irons in the market, it can be very difficult choosing the best one for your hair type. For the ladies who have thick hair, you are in luck as we have gathered the top three flat irons that have been specially designed for thick hair.

 Croc 2 infrared flat iron

The design of the flat iron might look a little strange, but it will provide you one of the best straightening power that is available on the market. It can combine the best of both worlds, which is utilizing the infrared heating while still combining titanium, ceramic and tourmaline technologies, thus, fantastically creating a hybrid plate.

The plates heat up much faster and more efficiently than other irons that are present in the market, let’s not forget the flat iron has an automatic shut off.

 Salon Tech the Titanium 450 flat iron

The flat iron has been designed with a 1-inch titanium plate to provide you with the best temperature control. The iron has been equipped with a dial that will allow you to easily adjust the temperature levels to one that best suits your needs.

In addition, it has a maximum temperature level of 450 degrees. Thus, you are assured your hair will not burn while using the iron. Accordingly, it is among the best straightening products available in the market. The iron is lightweight making it easier for you to use and transport.

 Hai the convertible ceramic flat iron

The ceramic flat iron has a lightweight design and a unique technology that will help in reducing the frizziness in your hair. Furthermore, the iron prevents any damaged caused to your hair by sealing in the moisture.

The plates are 1 ¼ inches, making it a perfect size for any hair length, it has an adjustable temperature that gives you options. The maximum temperature the plates can get to is 390 degrees. Hence, your hair is safe from the risk of heat damage.

Why a flat iron is better than a hair straightening brush for thick curly hair

When thinking of straightening your beautiful thick hair, there are various heat tools you could use. Thus, a flat iron is not the only available product to you. In this regard, let us see why the iron is a better option for your thick hair.

  • The flat iron can straighten the most rebellious hair, no matter how thick and curly it is, while the straightening brush does not guarantee this result, especially for the thick hair.
  • The flat iron can straighten even the afro types of hair.
  • The brush straightener is recommended for thin hair. In fact, it works best with damaged or dull hair, but it does not effectively straighten thick curly hair. The reason being it does not have the high temperatures needed to straighten thick, kinky curly hair.

Final thoughts

The market has been flooded with a number of flat irons for thick hair, making it nearly impossible for you to choose the right one for your hair. For the thick type of hair, the best option would be either titanium or ceramic plates and ensure they have a high-temperature setting.