CHI Original Pro 1″ Ceramic Ionic Tourmaline Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

Can’t decide what to do with your hair? You can opt for a super sleek hair, or be bubbly with gorgeous curls. Whatever hairstyle you want trust that a certain flat iron can help you have a great hair day. Presenting the Chi Original Professional Hairstyling Flat Iron!


  • Uses the latest innovative technology that combines tourmaline ceramic with even heat distribution
  • Utilizes Far Infrared that reduces static electricity to achieve the perfect hairstyle
  • Ideal for all hairstyle needs
  • Known for quick heat up with a great swivel cord
  • Has two-year limited warranty for floating plates


The Chi Original Professional Hairstyling Flat Iron is known as the classic tourmaline ceramic flat iron that uses the latest innovative technology that combines tourmaline ceramic with even heat distribution. This then produces an incredibly high amount of negative ions as well as Far Infrared that helps reduce static electricity to give you that perfect hairstyle.

Not only that, this flat iron leaves your hair smooth and silky with that unparalleled shine. It is ideal for all of your hairstyle needs as you smoothen, straighten, curl, spiral, wave, bend, or flip your locks.

It helps eliminate static and reduces frizz with its quick heat up and swivel cord features. It does not matter if you have long or short hair as you will have no problems styling your hair any way you want with this flat iron. It has a two-year warranty as well for its floating plates to further assure you of great customer service.

Likewise, this product is known as a professional salon model flattening iron that is designed to help you attain silky hair while it instantly leaves your hair with a silky shine.

Those who have use this flat iron greatly adore this product. They say they have super soft and perfectly shiny hair all day long! No need for anti-frizz serum and the likes because with just this flat iron it can already give you a great hair day. And the best part is that it can do all that in 20 minutes or less!

A really short time if you will compare it with cheap flat irons that only give you a good hair for a while, but everything is gone after. With that said, every penny was totally worth it for the customers who already bought this product.

And to further stretch the worthiness of this flat iron, you are sure to use it for a long time because of its durability. Once you buy it you are more likely to use it for as long as you can keep it.


Though this disadvantage may not be directly found on the product itself it may still be a concern on your part. That is because it can’t be helped that there are a lot of fake Chi flat irons existing around. Some attested that they received the package only to find out a totally obvious unauthentic Chi flat iron.

Others experienced returning a defective product and receiving a replacement that looks fake. But in order for you to know that you own an authentic Chi iron you need to look at the following:

The plug of an authentic Chi flat iron has a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter or GFCI that consists of a reset button on the plug. Other Chi products may come with a UL-certified power cord instead of GFCI. The tag or label also has a warning or caution label and other iron information that is engraved into the iron.

If you find a sticker on the iron, that is most likely fake, except for Chi Nano irons that have a clear sticker with caution and iron information on it. The switch and LED light must be next to each other. The LED light must also be clear once the iron is turned off.

A fake Chi iron will have a red LED light when turned off. Lastly, the logo of a true Chi iron should be printed directly in the middle of the handle’s round plastic cap.

Now you do not want to buy a fake Chi iron even though it is much cheaper than the authentic one. You are not actually saving because you are just throwing away your money on something you will not be able to use for long. Fake Chi irons simply have their floating plates attached with cheap household screws.


As there are many fake Chi irons everywhere, you need to be careful when making your purchase. That is because if you happen to buy it you are throwing away all the good things that the authentic one can offer. With that said, the Chi Original Professional Hairstyling Flat Iron is still very much recommendable. But just be sure you really own a true Chi iron.

You are not only going to get the perfect hairstyle because of its high quality materials but you will also get to use it for a very long time since it has been proven and tested to be durable. So go straighten or curl your hair. Either way, this product can do that beautifully!