How to Use a Hair Straightener Properly

Hair straightening is one of the most popular methods of styling hair at home and this is done with hair straightening irons/hair flatirons. It leaves your hair looking sleek and glossy while giving your overall appearance a boost. However, many people are unaware of the best method of straightening their hair. They are also unsure of how to prevent damage if they choose this method of styling. Here is how to use hair straightening irons properly.

Choose Good Quality Flat Irons

The first step is to choose good quality flat irons. There are two main things to look out for when making your choice. The first is that the best hair straightening irons all have different heat settings on them rather than just one level of heat. The second things to watch out for is the material of which the plates are made as poor quality plates can cause damage to your hair. The best flat irons are those with ceramic or titanium coated plates.

Add Moisture to Your Hair

One of the things that can cause the most damage to your hair during straightening is the removal of moisture. Therefore, you should get as much moisture into your hair before styling as possible. This rule applies to both straightening and curling your hair. The easiest way to do this is to use shampoos and conditioners that add moisture to your hair or those that are formulated for dry, damaged or treated hair.

Comb and Dry Hair

Before you begin to straighten your hair, you should first comb through it properly. If there are knots, it is tricky to slide easily down each strand of hair. Your hair should also be completely dry before you begin or it will take a long time for each strand to straighten.

Protecting the Hair

To prevent damage to your hair from styling, it is worth investing in some protective hair straightening products. The thermal protective serums available often contain proteins or silicon. This will coat each strand of hair and minimize the damage that can caused by using a hair flat iron.

Choose the Right Setting

It is a mistaken belief that the hottest setting is the one that will straighten your hair the best. Not only is this not true, it is also highly likely that using a setting that is too high will cause damage to your hair. As a rule, the finer your hair is the lower the setting you need. If you are not sure which setting you should use, experiment. Practice straightening your hair on a low setting and decide whether you have achieved good results. If not, choose the next setting and so on until you find the setting that straightens your hair the best.

Styling with Hair Straighteners

First, you should separate your hair into four sections. Starting with one of the lower sections of hair, take straighten small strands of hair at a time, from close to the roots to the end and pulling both the appliance and your hair away from your body.

You should not put the straighteners right next to your scalp as you will risk a burn injury. Each strand should take four to five seconds to straighten. Don’t hold the straighteners onto your hair for too long as this will cause damage. Once the first section is completed, straighten the other lower portion before moving on to the upper sections of hair.

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Using these tips will help you to use your hair straightener properly and give you great results. Furthermore, if you choose the right straighteners and buy decent hair and straightening products, you can also limit the amount of damage that this type of styling can potentially cause.

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