HSI Professional Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

Advertisements will bombard you of images of women with perfect and glorious hair. That is because they want you to buy their hair product as they make you believe that taking very good care of your hair is important as hair is considered a woman’s crowning glory. And it is true!

Having great hair that fits and looks good on you can have a huge impact on your appearance.

That is why you may have tried using a flat iron before. And if you do not know where to look for the perfect one, that should not be a problem. That is because the Professional HSI Flat Iron is here at your service!


  • Can flip, straighten, and curl any type of hair (from fine to coarse)
  • Consists of one-inch solid ceramic tourmaline ion plates
  • Uses advanced infrared heat technology
  • Swivel cord can turn 360 degrees
  • Helps smoothen and protect tresses using Argan Oil leave-in hair treatment
  • Suitable for all hair types with its adjustable temperature from 120C to 200C or 240F to 400F
  • Wide enough for any hair type and hair length (but narrow enough for bangs)
  • Has dual voltage of 110v to 220v that is compatible worldwide


The Professional HSI Flat Iron can transform your hair from frizzy and dull to gorgeously sleek and straight. This flat iron does not only straighten locks but it also curls and flips hair exquisitely. With its one-inch ceramic tourmaline ion plates it can create a shinier and silkier finish in less time than other flat irons. It also gives maximum control for almost all hair types.

In addition, it can provide great style without taking too much time or making a mess, all thanks to its swivel and flash quick heating cord. You will be able to easily hold and grip this flat iron as well with its ergonomic design.

This flat iron contains versatile heat settings providing you with complete control for all your hairstyling needs. An even temperature is maintained by the moist ceramic heat together with the solid ceramic coils and plates.

You can be sure that this flat iron will give you beautiful curls or straightened hair without burning your precious locks. It is easy to use and will help you achieve professional results even if you are an amateur. Truly, it is a high quality product.

And not only that, this flat iron comes with accessories such as a nice traveling bag, heat glove, and a user instruction manual. That really is a total package! Users of this flat iron can testify that it does not tug or snag at your hair, irons fast and efficiently, and not even one hair strand can be ripped out in the plates. It absolutely takes away the frizz and works even on the most stubborn hair.


Very minor issues include having to press the reset switch found on the cord circuit breaker to reset it if you plug in the flat iron and it does not turn on. Also, since this flat iron does not have an automatic shut off timer you have to make sure to turn it off or just unplug it completely. This is very important to prevent accidental fires or if you have children in the house that might play with it while it is still hot.

There were also reports that it was not able to straighten hair as the plates did not seem to touch together completely. Plus, it did not get very hot, even if it has been put to a maximum temperature. Some users ended up with their hair still frizzed and not straightened.

Hair is snagged or pulled as well from the top of the iron. What’s more is that others experienced an explosion and fireball on their hand after plugging in the flat iron that resulted to cuts and burns. Optimum care is truly needed.


There are indeed some issues with this product that you need to be cautious about, but still, the Professional HSI Flat Iron is a highly-recommendable product. For one, it does its job of transforming your dull and frizzy hair to something sleek. Or, if you want gorgeous curls, this flat iron can also do that for you.

It has quality materials such as its one-inch ceramic tourmaline ion plates that give your hair a silkier and shinier finish in a short time. No worries if you have the most stubborn kind of hair since this product accommodates all hair types.

Also, its ergonomic design will help you hold and grip it well. Versatile heat setting can also be found in this flat iron that helps you attain that much control. And think about all the other stuff you are getting once you buy this product – you not only get a great flat iron, but you also get to own a nice travelling bag, heat glove, and a user instruction manual. Now how’s that sound?