HSI Professional Digital Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener Review

Do you like styling your hair? Do you want a silky straight mane today, but flirty and cute curls tomorrow? No problem! Flat irons can do that for you. But do not just choose any flat iron as some are fake that would only damage your hair. Instead try the HSI Professional Flat Iron for an assured great hair-styling tool!


  • Has a power button that needs to be held down for around three seconds to fully turn on and heat up
  • Consists of LCD temperature control that has an adjustable temperature from 240F to 450F
  • Its plates are 100 percent true solid ceramic tourmaline
  • Uses an advanced infrared heat technology
  • Comes with a free heat glove, heat pouch for storage, and a 5ml Argan oil leave in conditioner bottle
  • Has a round body shape design allowing unique curling and flipping styles


A lot of hair styles are becoming the latest trend, but out of all these hair styles the straight shiny hair will never go out of fashion! This is why the HSI Professional Flat Iron is the beauty accessory that will never be replaceable once you own it.

If you are one of those who are addicted to perfectly straight and sleek hair, this flat iron is for you! It instantly transforms dull and frizzy locks into cover girl straight hair. Also, it is proud to have a revolutionary ceramic ionic system that guarantees shiny and hydrated hair.

This comes with smart infrared technology acting in depth to give you that fabulous sleek hair. It is considered as a dual voltage worldwide edition too that contains 100 percent solid ceramic tourmaline plates, protecting your hair and giving it the extra shine it needs.

The curved round edges of this flat iron help you flip, curl, or straighten your hair just like how salons would do it! Its temperature can also be adjusted to reach up to 450F. You are also assured that you can use it in a fun and easy way due to its 360-degree swivel cord and ergonomic design. So no worries even if you have the most stubborn hair because this flat iron will let you say hello to sleek and straight hair.

You can expect to use this product for a long time too since it is durable enough to last long. Your money is sure to not go to waste once you buy this one. And if you happen to always forget turning off appliances and equipment after use this product will help you worry no more since it has an automatic turn off feature.

You will absolutely adore it for working so smoothly without snagging on your hair, plus it can get the job done faster compared to other flat irons.


There are users who reported that it stopped working after just a few months of use. They noticed that the temperature is not consistent as it tends to heat up, cool down, and heat up back again.

It was not able to deliver its job of giving a salon-quality type of hair-styling given its price, making customers disappointed. There is also no warranty or return policy for the customers to give this product another shot.

Some were a bit lucky though to have received a replacement. But that good luck ends there as they claimed that the replacement was no good either. There are reports saying that one product sparked flames while a user was holding it and then it blew out all the circuit breakers.

This does not only show a defective product but a dangerous one as well. Other complained that this flat iron tugs and pulls their hair, leaving a lot of strands behind.


In spite of the negative remarks that this product received it can’t be denied that the HSI Professional Flat Iron is still a great product that can be recommendable to a lot of women. Looking at its materials, you are sure to get straight, sleek hair, or fabulous curls after using it.

The revolutionary ceramic ionic system plus its smart infrared technology are among the best features of this product that can’t be found in other flat irons. Also, its 100 percent solid ceramic tourmaline plates are proven to be of high quality that protects your hair.

Its curved round edges also make it easy for you to straighten, curl, of flip your hair in just a matter of minutes. It actually looks like you just stepped out of the salon! Also, other flat irons do not have adjustable temperature settings that this product contains.

You can choose the lowest temperature up to the highest one which is 450F. Its ergonomic design plus 360-degree swivel cord will make hair-styling fun and easy for you too.