Tourmaline, Titanium, Ceramic – Comparison

Flat irons are amazing. They can make your hair go from frizzy to fabulous within a span of minutes. You can wear your new silky, straight hair all day and night without a kink in sight for hours on end.

Many women these days prefer their hair to be smoother and straighter than it naturally is, since straight and silky hair is a lot easier to manage and groom, and it can prove to be a lot more presentable, too. That is why flat irons are so in demand these days.

Flat irons are available in a wide assortment of brands that each feature specific qualities that make them more efficient and a lot safer than the rest. They usually come in three available materials that make up their heating plates, which are the vital parts of a hair straightening iron since they are responsible to achieving the sought-after results of straight and silky hair.

These materials are either ceramic, tourmaline or titanium. But, which of these three materials are best for you and your hair? What are their differences?

When you compare flat irons, it usually boils down to features, quality, and material. Below are the defining qualities and characteristics of each material to help you distinguish between the three:


Way back in the history of flat irons, the plates were usually made up of an aluminium material. They were very good conductors and registered heat efficiently. However, they did not prove to distribute heat evenly throughout the plate, resulting in overly hot and cool spots that did not give optimum results and created potentially damaged hair. Thus, ceramic made plates were made.

Ceramic is known to spread heat evenly, and has proven to be a lot safer for hair than their old aluminium counterparts. It achieves this through the aid of ceramic heaters that emit negative ions when heated.

These ions compensate for the positive charge that comes from damaged hair, enabling them to close dry and damaged follicles. This results in smoother hair shafts that give out a silkier feel, thus significantly reducing split ends and frizz.

Ceramic plates these days are usually augmented by combining them with titanium or tourmaline to give them an extra negative ion boost. This boost results in better outcomes for hair straightening.


A more recent technology than that of ceramic, tourmaline plates claim to produce more negative ions than ceramic plates. This them makes them a lot safer for your hair than ceramic or metal, since the number of negative ions determines the protection there is given to the hair cuticles. The negative ions also allow for hair to retain its natural moisture, thus reducing frizz and static significantly.

But how exactly do these negative ions function to benefit hair? They do this by scattering excess water in the hair into smaller particles, sort of like evaporating them into mist. This evenly distributes the moisture throughout the hair and reduces static electricity, making the hair a lot less frizzy and a lot shinier and tamer.

And since tourmaline plates emit more negative ions than ceramic ones, you can expect silkier hair that lasts a lot longer than what is provided by ceramic plates.

Still, tourmaline plates may sometimes be infused with ceramic heaters to further boost their straightening results. The combination is usually done by crushing the tourmaline component into ceramic plates so that it can emit the maximum number of negative ions to greatly reduce and possibly eliminate hair damage to produce smoother, straighter, flatter and silkier hair.


Titanium is a type of metal that is a whole lot more durable and so much more lightweight than steel. Similar to ceramic, it is able to distribute heat evenly. The difference is that it is a lot more durable than ceramic. It is noted that titanium plates do not peel, chip, or scratch as opposed to ceramic plates, making them the more durable material for hair irons.

Also, it is found that titanium produces up to 60% more negative ions than ceramic plates when heated. This allows for better, faster and more consistent heat control and heat flow.

Titanium also has the smoothest surface of all, reducing problems such as snags. They are able to retain heat a lot longer so you need not bother reheating the iron over and over again while ironing your hair.