Best Travel Flat Iron in 2021: We Review 8 Top Compact Hair Straighteners

Going abroad, on vacation, or returning home for the holidays? Bikini? Check. Passport? Check. Hair straightener? Um. . .  Got a travel flat iron anyone? Everyone should have one. It’s one of those tools that should fit right alongside your purse, lipstick, and other essentials. Here’s what you need to know before you hit the … Read more

Our Top Tips On Using Your Hair Straightener Correctly

Hair straightening is one of the most popular methods of styling hair at home. It often begins in our teenage years and it’s important we learn how to use our styling tools correctly. Straightening leaves hair looking sleek and glossy and gorgeous, but being a heat treatment it doesn’t come without risks of damage. Many … Read more

How to Maintain Healthy Hair When Using a Flat Iron Regularly

How your hair looks can make a significant difference to your overall appearance. For this reason, many people make a special effort to style their hair in such a way that it greatly improves how they look. One of the most popular ways of styling hair is to use hair straightening irons. These can make … Read more

Top 6 Best Straighteners For Thick Hair in 2021

Got thick hair? You have a head that people want. Well, it’s really your hair they’re after. But little do they know that it takes quite the effort to get it to look a certain way and keep it that way.   Between the tangles and knots, the time-consuming styles, and all the other hair … Read more

Best Hair Straightening Brush Reviews 2021 – How Do They Stack Up?

hair straighening brush pink

Many women who are born with curly hair wish they could ditch the curls from time to time and have a sleek look instead. In years past, women would go to great lengths to straighten their hair, even using clothing irons! This eventually led to manufacturers creating the flat iron. Over the years, these devices … Read more