Top 6 Best Straighteners For Thick Hair in 2021

Got thick hair?

You have a head that people want.

Well, it’s really your hair they’re after.

But little do they know that it takes quite the effort to get it to look a certain way and keep it that way.  

Between the tangles and knots, the time-consuming styles, and all the other hair products you need to manage thick hair, it leaves you or your straightener burned out.

It’s time to upgrade that flat iron to one that’s best-suited to the job.

Best Straightener for Thick Hair

Most Popular
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
Best Value
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
75,901 Reviews
8,297 Reviews
Most Popular
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
75,901 Reviews
Best Value
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
8,297 Reviews

Is your thick hair a pain to style?

Oh, what a problem to have – rolling eyes.

People would love to have a head of thick hair that looks full, healthy, and irresistible to grabbing… you know, the kind of hair that fills your lover’s hand when you’re leaning in for that smooch that is every bit glamour-worthy of a photo shoot in a magazine.

But really though, to get thick hair styled to the point that you deem worthy of even a mere selfie can take hours – time you don’t have.

What can give you an edge with styling without the Hollywood camera kind of time is having the right tool for the job.

You need a flat iron that knows thick and dense hair and can smoothen it like butter through one, tight, and hot slide.

These are the kinds of straighteners you need to consider if you’re ready to tame that mop into a well-done, full, and voluminous do.

Best Straightener for Thick Hair Reviews

1. HSI Professional Glider

HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
75,901 Reviews
HSI Professional Glider | Ceramic Tourmaline Ionic Flat Iron Hair...
  • STRAIGHTENS, FLIPS & CURLS: The HSI Professional Glider creates dramatic results on even the frizziest coarsest hair; to quickly straighten, flip, and curl with minimal effort. Simple & fast.
  • MICRO SENSORS PREVENT FUTURE HAIR DAMAGE: High quality ceramic plates use 8 HeatBalance micro-sensors to regulate the temperature & evenly distribute heat so fewer passes are needed on your precious...

Insanely popular is a flat iron that comes in at an excellent price point with both ceramic and tourmaline materials that will do thick hair justice plus some!

We love the…

  • Price
  • Ceramic & tourmaline
  • 1” plates
  • Micro sensors
  • Dual-voltage

We dislike the…

  • May need more than one pass

The HSI Professional Glider is no doubt a popular hair straightener. What makes it great for all hair types are the 1” plates designed for styling flexibility. But it’s great for thick hair due to its ceramic and tourmaline materials.

The extra enhancement of the tourmaline makes it smoother to use. No snagging which can be common for unruly thick hair. Also, when the tourmaline crystals heat up, they release negative ions to help tame frizzy hair and remove static.

The HSI flat iron has micro sensors that regulate even distribution of heat so that less passes are needed. However, it does seem that at least two passes are needed to get pin sharp straight hair.

The HSI may be a budget hair straightener, but curly, course, and thick hair is no match for its materials and 450° temp. By the way, it does have adjustable heat that is located well so that you don’t accidentally bump it and change it during use.

2. KIPOZI Professional Titanium

Got thick hair? Don’t bother with ceramic. Since titanium is so affordable with this flat iron, titanium is the way to go.

We love the…

  • Price
  • Titanium plates
  • 1.75” plates
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Auto shut-off

We dislike the…

  • Defective models with gap

Floating plates can be difficult to work with, but correctly-made ones should grip your hair. Unfortunately, some defective models have too much of a gap, but don’t worry, customer service responds timely and there is a warranty! Well-made KIPOZI flat irons present no issues with this at all.

This brand is working their way up the popularity ladder due to their quality products. The Pro Titanium flat iron is in every way made for thick and course hair. It has 1.75” plates that are super wide to cover long hair and get as much coverage in one pass.

With adjustable temps, you can max it out to 450°F if your hair is especially thick and resistive. You can see what temps you’re using thanks to the LCD display, and you won’t unintentionally turn it off because the power button is on the inside.

With titanium plates, super-wide size, and hot heat, this flat iron has thick hair written all over it.

3. Remington Pro 2” Pearl

Remington S9520 Pro 2' Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
8,297 Reviews
Remington S9520 Pro 2" Pearl Ceramic Flat Iron, Hair...
  • 2 inches Floating Plates for Quick Styling and Smooth Glide
  • Pearl Ceramic Technology for Less Damage and Faster Salon Results

How do you make a flat iron better? Throw in some pearls.

We love the…

  • Crushed pearls
  • 8x more ceramic
  • 2” plates
  • 15-second heat-up
  • Swivel cord

We dislike the…

  • Defective units

Everyone knows Remington, and their products are widely available. Exactly what makes it a well-known brand is its mass production of products, and as a mass-produced product, there are some duds that sneak its way out. Fortunately, this flat iron is covered by a 4-year warranty – woo hoo!  

Now, to the pearls. The flat iron has crushed pearls infused into the ceramic plates to provide faster, consistent, and smoother results in one pass. It also contains 8 times more ceramic than standard Remington flat irons for a practically instantaneous heat-up time of 15 seconds.

For thick and long hair, 2” floating plates will provide the coverage you need to make use of the 450°F max temp for taming the frizz. It also has auto shut-off, a hinged lock, swivel cord, digital controls, and an LCD display.

For the low price, the Remington Pro 2″ Pearl is worth the buy to put it to the test.

4. NITION Professional 2-in-1 Straightener

NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline...
9,732 Reviews
NITION Professional Salon Hair Straightener Argan Oil Tourmaline...
  • Innovative Healthy Styling:The 5-IN-1 Ceramic coated Heating plate is also infused with Nano Silver,Argan oil,Tourmaline & Titanium.Those great elements do benefit the hairs by locking in natural...
  • Simple One Step Operation without any buttons:the revolutionary design allow you to operate by simple revolving the end of straightener.Rotate clockwise to power on and desired your favorite salon...

The NITION is not a high-end straightener, but it does have the makings of one. Here’s what that means!

We love the…

  • 5-in-1 heating plate
  • 4.1” non-stick plate
  • C-sensor
  • Dual voltage
  • Accessories included

We dislike the…

  • Ceramic-coated plate

The NITION is described to have 5-in-1 heating plates, meaning, it has ceramic, titanium, tourmaline, nano silver, and argon oil. Incredible right? So, why is it so cheap? It’s actually a ceramic coating on the heating plate that is infused with the additional materials.

With a ceramic coated plate, heat distribution isn’t always even or will it remain at true temperature. Tourmaline and titanium help with even distribution and ionic benefits, and the C-sensor regulates the temperature to ensure it’s as consistent as possible to true temp.

You also have nano silver and argon oil to help with hair protection, moisture retention, and resistance to UV light. Temperature is adjustable via a built-in rotating handle that provides up to 450°F for very thick and unruly hair.

To make the deal even sweeter, it comes with included accessories from a carrying pouch to hair clips. Auto shut-off, 360° swivel cord, 9 ft length, 10-second heat-up time, and dual voltage complete its features. The NITION flat iron is feature-packed to the max.

5. CHI G2 PRO Ceramic & Titanium 1 ¼”

CHI G2 Professional Hair Straightener Titanium Infused Ceramic...
6,158 Reviews
CHI G2 Professional Hair Straightener Titanium Infused Ceramic...
  • 1.25" Ceramic & Titanium Infused Plates
  • New 'mode' button with preset temperatures

What more needs to be said other than, “it’s a CHI?”

We love the…

  • Titanium infused plates
  • 1 ¼” plates
  • Preset temperatures
  • 40-second heat-up
  • 1-hr auto shut-off

We dislike the…

  • Mode button location

To have a CHI at this price range, you know it will have the basics to do what you need it to do – flatten your thick hair.

To help with smooth passes, consistent hot heat, and to tame thick, wavy, and curly hair, the ceramic plates have titanium in them. Titanium is reserved for these exact hair types, so bad hair days are a thing of the past.

With preset temperature settings for various hair types, you can pass your CHI G2 Pro around so that everyone can have a good hair day. It heats up quickly, and thanks to titanium, it stays true to temp throughout the entire styling session. Just don’t be one of the buyers that keeps hitting the Mode button unintentionally.

Since it’s a CHI flat iron, it has dual voltage to allow travel across the globe, and it’s covered with a 2-year warranty. But beware. Once you go CHI, you may never go to another brand again. A taste of the good stuff tends to give you an obsession for the good stuff.

6. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1' Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, Blue
10,897 Reviews
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium 1" Ultra-Thin Straightening Iron, Blue
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Ultra-Thin hair straightener has a slim design that helps eliminate hand fatigue while increasing styling flexibility. Create pin-straight styles with this...
  • High heat levels provide excellent straightening results while Nano Titanium technology protects hair from damage.Heat-resistant ryton housing

Just because you have thick hair, it doesn’t mean you should spend any longer having to style than anyone else. This is why the PRO Nano Titanium flat iron is a must-have for thick do’s.

We love the…

  • Ceramic heater
  • Titanium plates
  • 50 heat settings
  • 5” extended plates
  • Slim & lightweight

We dislike the…

  • Power button location
  • Hot handle

The Nano Titanium flat iron has 50 heat settings reaching a max of 450°F. With titanium, 5” extended plates in tow, you can bet on getting powerful results with wider sections done faster than ever. This is exactly what dense, thick, and course hair needs. So, if you have fine hair – stay away!

The BaByliss PRO flat iron is also extremely lightweight and slim – perfect for travel and reducing fatigue during styling. However, it may be due to its ultra-slim design that you may possibly feel heat from the heaters coming through the handles – a hot iron glove may prove to be an essential add-on.

But the real issue is with the location of the power button. It’s way too easy to accidentally hit it during use.

For the price though, it’s worth it to have titanium plates – they’re never cheap. If you’re concerned about the expense, perhaps knowing it has a 3-year warranty will help?

What to Look for in a Straightener for Thick Hair

Thick hair is a vague description as it can mean a few, different things. Let’s help to thin out the confusion.

What is Thick Hair?

There are multiple variations of the definitions of thick, dense, and course hair. Let’s suffice it to say that thick hair is usually referred to by the majority as having a ton of hair within any given square inch of your head. This would also be appropriate to describe density.

But some describe thick hair in the same way that we talk about course hair – the thickness or diameter of a single hair strand.

Most of us throw these terms around because it’s the only way we know how to describe it. For the purposes of this article, it could encompass all these definitions. The real solution in styling thick hair is to know your hair type past “it’s just thick.”

If it’s fine, thin, but thick in density, you still want to keep the temperature low to protect it. If you have long, curly, and thick in density hair, you’ll want a larger plate size and high heat. If you have outright curly, thick in density, and course hair, titanium plates and high heat is the way to go.

Titanium Plates

While ceramic plates are the jack-of-all-trades for all hair types, you will want to opt for titanium plates if you can afford it. Titanium is powerful and is usually recommended for thick, course, stubborn, and dense hair.

Because titanium retains heat longer, stays consistent to true temperature, and is more durable than other materials, it has the makings to be a one-pass champ for those with unruly tresses.

Plate Size

More hair means more time needed to style. It goes without saying that wider and longer plates will speed up the process. Many flat irons have 1” widths and 4” long plates, so if you can go larger, even if only ¼”, you’ll get more done at a time. However, the larger you go, the harder it will be to do precision work like getting close to the scalp or bangs or having styling flexibility.


Salon-grade flat irons will get as hot as 450°F – and that should be the max that you ever put to your hair! Hint: use heat protection products. Heats between 400°F to 450°F is what is recommended for thick hair.

For healthy hair that’s just thick, you can use max heat safely. But, if it’s damaged, you will need more time in order to mitigate further damage – use lower heat.

There’s a balancing act you must compromise with regardless of your straightener’s power to protect the condition of your hair to ensure you still have hair left to style!


Are Wide Plate Straighteners Better for Thick Hair?

Wide plates are great for thick, course, curly, wavy, and long hair. They cover more in one pass and allow for faster styling. However, the wider the plate, the more difficult it is to do precision work, can be heavier to use, and less flexible for styling techniques. But, if pin straight is all you ever do, a wide plate it is!

Is Ceramic or Titanium Better for Thick Hair?

Titanium is best suited to thick hair where consistent, high temperatures are needed for styling this hair type. However, heat temperature works hand-in-hand with the plate material and is essential to consider as the condition of your thick hair is just as important.

What’s the Best Hair Straightener for Thick Curly Hair?

The best hair straightener for thick, curly hair will likely have a plate that is no smaller than 1 ¼” and has titanium plates or an infused coating that allows for smooth, gliding passes with no tugging and snagging. With such a powerful plate technology, you should look for negative ionic benefits to keep your hair static and frizz-free.

Full & Luscious Is In!

When you have a head full of hair that doesn’t want to cooperate most days, a solid performing straightener that’s right for the job will take care of that.

But taking care of thick hair starts long before you put flat iron to head. Leave-in conditioners, hair masks, heat protectant products, and more are needed to keep your hair in good condition when working with heat. If anything, see your thick mop as an excuse to pamper your hair.

With more or thicker strands on your head, you have every obligation to show it off. Whether your hair is straight, curled, or beach wavy, full and luscious is in.

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