Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5″ Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron Review

Salon gorgeous silky straight hair is just a few minutes away with the Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5″ Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron.

It boasts of a super fast heat up and a bio ionic technology that makes hair healthier and locks in moisture to avoid heat damage.

Straighten your hair like a pro with this reliable flat iron.

  • Super fast
  • Lightweight
  • Ultra smooth hair
  • Hydrates dry damaged hair
  • Comes in two sizes (1 inch & 1.5 inch)
  • Straightens, curls & volumizes
  • Temp 400 oF
  • Durable

Bio Ionic OnePass Review

BIO IONIC Onepass Styling Iron
155 Reviews
BIO IONIC Onepass Styling Iron
  • Improved silicone strip technology lasts 10X longer
  • Rounded edges eliminate creasing and rounded body for flat iron curling


The Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5″ Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron has a unique ionic property that infuses minerals into the heating plate. This gives the Iron more of an edge when it comes to emitting negative ions to disperse water molecules deeper into the hair shaft as opposed to regular ceramic plates.

This enables the Bio Ionic Nano Ceramic Straightening Iron to give your hair an extra silky and smooth straight feel to it – even more than regular ceramic flat irons.

It works very fast too. In just a matter of seconds, the Ceramic Straightening Iron heats up to the desired temperature so you can use it in an instant after plugging it in and turning it on, unlike many other flat iron brands that can take much longer.

The Bio Ionic OnePass Iron aims to give you beautiful straight locks with minimal strokes – reducing over heating, drying and possible damage to your hair.

The OnePass Nano Ceramic Straightener is very lightweight and is built to last. It is made with high quality materials that increase reliability.


Some consumers have questioned the iron’s “one pass” claim since they accordingly pass it through hair more than just once to achieve the results that they want.

If you only have slight waves or have naturally straight hair, then the single pass may suffice, but if you have thick, coarse or curly hair, you may need a few more passes, or an iron more targeted to your hair type.

Our Verdict On The Bio Ionic OnePass

If you are looking for a fast hair straightener to match your super fast paced lifestyle, then the Bio Ionic OnePass could be the right styling tool for you.

If you have naturally straight hair or have only slight waves here or there that you want to tame, it will do perfectly with just one pass.

Along with taking no time to style your hair, it’s silicone speed strips will keep your hair hydrated, shiny and smooth!

It combines speed, durability, reliability and is well priced considering it’s attributes.

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