Our Top Tips On Using Your Hair Straightener Correctly

Hair straightening is one of the most popular methods of styling hair at home. It often begins in our teenage years and it’s important we learn how to use our styling tools correctly. Straightening leaves hair looking sleek and glossy and gorgeous, but being a heat treatment it doesn’t come without risks of damage. Many … Read more

How to Maintain Healthy Hair When Using a Flat Iron Regularly

How your hair looks can make a significant difference to your overall appearance. For this reason, many people make a special effort to style their hair in such a way that it greatly improves how they look. One of the most popular ways of styling hair is to use hair straightening irons. These can make … Read more

Flat Iron Problems and How to Fix Them – Our Top Tips

Flat Iron Troubles and How to Help Them

As with any other appliance or device, you may find that your flat iron is also susceptible to damage, especially if not used with care and not properly maintained. Thus, flat iron troubleshooting may become necessary once in a while, especially if you are to attend an important event and you badly need smooth and … Read more

Best Flat Iron Brands That Are Top Sellers In 2021!

Best Flat Iron Brands

From celebrity hairstylists to the average Joe, we all have our favorite haircare brands not limited to flat irons. Whether it costs hundreds of dollars or a mere twenty bucks, has state-of-the-art plating technology or ceramic coated plates, or if it’s made in China or the USA, a favorite is a favorite for many a … Read more