Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron Review

For fast and effective straightening utilizing the most advanced ceramic technology this high tech hair straightener is packed full of user-friendly features.

  • Advanced nano-silver technology for deodorization & sterilization
  • Consists of an auto shut off feature for safety
  • Has combined titanium ionic plates intended for far-infrared heat results
  • Utilizes the most advanced ceramic technology making it 60% faster
  • 1.5 inch plate
  • FND digital display with a digital temp control system for maintaining precise temperature for each heat setting
  • Has 25 heat settings that ranges from 200F to 450F (increments of 10F)

Croc Classic Nano Review


The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron is one of the best flat irons for hair you may ever come across. With its advanced nano-silver technology it gets much needed sterilization and deodorization. Also, it is made with safety in mind that results in the auto-shut off feature.

Your hair and cuticles are also sure to become shiny and smooth all thanks to its combined titanium ionic plates. You get to adjust the heat settings as it ranges from 200F to 450F, all in increments of 10F.

There is also the FND digital display as well as the digital temperature control system to assist in maintaining the exact temperature at all heat settings.

Moreover, this flat iron uses the most advanced ceramic technology that makes it 60 percent faster and more effective in straightening and curling. Its swivel cord is also extra long so you have no problems if ever the outlet is quite far from where you are styling your hair.

It is lightweight as well, something you would not expect since the plates are large enough to let waist-length curls get through in just half the time that other irons take. You do not have to wait for a long time in heating it up or cooling it down either since the temperature goes up and down quickly.

Truly, this flat iron is the total package! Not only does it help you get that straight (or curly), shiny hair, but it also does that in a short span of time.


There are some customers who have been disappointed by how short they were able to use this flat iron. They expected that it will last more than six months but it did not. It just stopped heating up and continuously reads error.

Some customers found that it started off well only to start to malfunction over time. Being a pricier iron this was disappointing and annoying.

Our Verdict On The Croc Classic Nano-Titanium Flat Iron

While there were some reports of it stopping working after a few months, it can’t be denied that the Titanium Flat Iron is still highly recommendable compared to other products.

That is because it can straighten even the most stubborn hair! It is so efficient that you will not feel that it already glided through your hair. That is because its titanium plates really aim to give sleek, straight hair in just a matter of minutes.

It is sure to not burn your hair as well so no worries. It even has an automatic shut off safety feature so it will certainly not burn anything, not your hair nor your house.

Furthermore, its adjustable digital temperature will help you determine the perfect amount of heat needed for your hair. You can also know immediately what temperature is currently chosen because its little digital screen will show it. Truly, this is the flat iron to buy!

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