Flat Iron Problems and How to Fix Them – Our Top Tips

As with any other appliance or device, you may find that your flat iron is also susceptible to damage, especially if not used with care and not properly maintained.

Thus, flat iron troubleshooting may become necessary once in a while, especially if you are to attend an important event and you badly need smooth and silky straight hair ASAP.

How to Fix a Flat Iron

First off, a flat iron is a hair styling tool that is shaped somewhat like tongs you use in the kitchen. It has two individual plates on each tong that heat up when turned on so that you can clamp them down on your hair and run them through to get flatter and straighter hair.

There are plenty of brands these days that offer durable and high quality hair straightening flat irons that have a wide range of prices and some additional features and advanced technologies that make them a lot more efficient and a lot less damaging to the hair.

But then again, as with any other device, flat irons may also malfunction over time. Before throwing them out and buying a new pair, you can try the following steps in flat iron troubleshooting:

Re-read the manual guide that came with your hair straightening flat iron.

This is especially essential in flat iron troubleshooting since it will orient you with the device’s components, design, and function. When you are well aware of the product’s overall components, you will most likely find it a lot easier to identify what is wrong with your flat iron if it begins to have problems. Pinpointing the problem is one of the first and most vital steps in attempting to repair your device. Most likely, the manual will also come with flat iron troubleshooting tips that will outright tell you what to do in specific situations that may arise with their flat iron brand.

Check integrity of flat iron switches.

Checking the switches every once in a while is important since they will be used often. Abusing your flat iron’s switches causes them to loosen their grip, resulting in power issues. Replacing the switches will not cost you as much as purchasing a new flat iron for your hair. If you do not have the time to have the switches replaced and badly need to use your hair iron right away, make sure to engage the power switch properly to make sure that the device turns on and stays on. This may take some extra attention as you are straightening your hair, but at least you do not necessarily need to run out to buy a new flat iron to replace a perfectly functioning one.

Check the cables.

It’s easy as that. Since the power cords are responsible in delivering the power that heats up the plates, it is possible that if they are damaged, your flat iron will not function. Damages to the cord may include exposed wiring, cuts, separation, and other damages. When attempting to fix a flayed cord, always unplug your device first to ensure your safety as exposed wires are a danger for electric shock.

Use electrical tape to wrap wires together and protect them from the external environment. This is applicable for minor damages such as wiring cover abrasions.

For more serious damages, like if your cords are chewed up by your dog or a rat, cut the cord properly to come up with two neat ends that you can easily peel off with a knife or cutter. Once the wires are exposed, solder them together and secure them with electric tape.

Avoid damage to your hair straightening flat iron.

Keep it well away from water as it might damage your device permanently and cause you serious harm. Neatly tie your device’s cord after every use to prevent cord damage, and never hold your flat iron by the cord to keep strain off the wires.

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