Best Flat Irons For Short Hair – Whether it be Thick, Fine or Frizzy!

Nervous about taking your next trim appointment to the extreme?

Can you do anything with short hair?

There’s a misconception out there that short hair requires no maintenance.

Well, unless you’ve fallen into the trap of letting yourself go, short hair is no excuse to not have fabulous hair!

Your old flat iron won’t do the job anymore. In fact, it will make things harder and longer and can possibly do damage.

A flat iron designed to style short hair is tailored for the job.

Here is what that means, what that means for you, and what that means for your budget.

Best Flat Iron for Short Hair

So, if your old flat iron won’t cut the mustard for your new do, what will?

Well, all the usual features in a flat iron are still important. They include:

  • Plate material and quality
  • Heating quality
  • Using the right temperature
  • Understanding your hair type
  • Optional convenience features

But the most prominent feature to consider for short hair is size. Size relates to the width of the plates. It’s likely that you’re accustomed to using 1” plates for flexible styling.

However, narrow plate sizes are best for short hair as it allows:

  • Easier and enhanced maneuvering
  • Can get closer to the scalp
  • Can get into hard-to-reach places
  • Allows for precision work
  • Is best suited to small sections
  • Is great for both men and women

Here is a list of some of the most popular short hair flat irons around from multiple budgets.

Best Flat Iron for Short Hair Reviews

1. KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron

KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron, Small Flat Iron for Short Hair and...
3,769 Reviews
KIPOZI Pencil Flat Iron, Small Flat Iron for Short Hair and...
  • Thinnest pencil flat iron in the market with 0.3 inches titanium plates to help get to the roots and edges for better styling, small hair straightener for short hair and beard.
  • This small flat iron even heat distribution that eliminates frizz and preserves hair moisture and the smaller plates width are recommended for creating more versatile styles.

Hugely popular, the KIPOZI Pencil is deserving of its status in the marketplace. Small, pencil thin, excellent for short hair.

We love the…

  • Titanium
  • 3/10” plates
  • Various heat settings
  • Swivel cord
  • Dual voltage

We dislike the…

  • Various quality control issues

The KIPOZI Pencil flat iron is affordable and yet backed by a 6-month warranty that you can also purchase an inexpensive, optional protection plan for. Customer service is excellent and responsive, and if you have any issues with quality control or the flat iron not working after a while, you’ll be taken care of.

But, as it is, it delivers performance that lives up to its claims. It has narrow 3/10” titanium plates for getting around ears and the bottom of your neckline. Because it’s so narrow, it will make quick work of thin hair, but the high 450⁰F heat and titanium material is very useful for curly and even thick hair if it’s short enough.

It has five preset heat settings, non-slip grip contact where the thumb lies, swivel cord, and dual voltage. Take this pencil flat iron anywhere and get smooth, frizz-free hair with titanium plating technology.

2. BaByliss PRO Nano Titanium Mini

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
582 Reviews
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron delivers superior heat retention & smooth, shiny hair in a compact (total length 6", plate width 1/2"), travel-ready size! Includes a thermal...
  • Nano Titanium plates offer even heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions leave locks smooth & shiny.

The BaByliss non-titanium model is crazy popular, so you can only imagine how well this Nano Titanium version will perform.

We love the…

  • Titanium
  • ½” plates
  • High heat
  • Compact
  • Dual voltage

We dislike the…

  • Fixed heat

The PRO Nano Titanium Mini flat iron is just that – mini. It’s barely 6” long and with dual voltage, it’s super appropriate for travel internationally. This thing is crazy small, so it can be used anywhere within 9 feet to the closest outlet rather discretely.

For short hair, it features ½” plates that will help to get the look you’re after whether it be straight or with some flicks and curls. It’s also excellent for touching-up bangs, getting behind the ears, and tidying up long beards.

With titanium plates and ceramic-coated heaters, it allows for snag-free, hot, and negative ion benefits. It heats up to a high 430⁰F that can tackle wavy hair, so it may be too powerful for the fine, dry, and fragile types.

Since the BaByliss PRO Mini Flat Iron is designed for travel, it comes with a matching carry case for storage – love the freebies!

3. AmoVee Smart Mini Flat Iron

AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener...
2,807 Reviews
AmoVee Mini Flat Iron Smart Ceramic Tourmaline Hair Straightener...
  • [ Smart Flat Iron ] Mini Flat Iron delivers professional smoothing results on the go. It is working to help you achieve super-sleek, straight hair, polished curls or cascading waves, and the styling...
  • [ Ceramic & Tourmaline ] With ceramic technology, the mini flat iron heats evenly all around, meaning no "hot spots" where a section might get hotter than another and burn or fry your hair. With...

For a generic and cheap flat iron, this AmoVee Smart Mini is certainly doing well for itself. Designed for travel, short hair, and touch-ups, it may be your new best friend from here on out.

We love the…

  • Ceramic titanium
  • Floating plates
  • Compact
  • Locking mechanism
  • Dual voltage

We dislike the…

  • Fixed heat

The AmoVee is pretty different to the regular, budget flat irons in the market. It has 3D floating plates with a design concept shaped after a V. This allows the plates to be flush without causing excess pressure that warps them.

The plates are ceramic titanium with a narrow ½” size. They do seem quite narrow, but for getting close to the roots and for precision work, it’s what you need. Heating up to 410⁰F, it’s plenty hot to get curly hair flat, but thick and course hair may need more heat and slightly wider plates.

While it has a single heat setting, it’s fixed up with the works in the form of a locking mechanism for a very slim 0.79” profile, 360⁰ swivel cord, and dual voltage capability.

For pixies, bangs, and baby hairs, the AmoVee can do you right.

4. Revlon Perfect Straight Flat Iron

REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron, 1...
1,966 Reviews
REVLON Perfect Straight Smooth Brilliance Ceramic Flat Iron, 1...
  • 1 inches XL Advanced Ionic Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron for Brilliant Shine
  • 455 Degree Fahrenheit Professional High Heat

If you have short hair that is near the chin or shoulders, you can get away with using a 1” flat iron. This is where the Revlon Perfect Straight Flat Iron has an advantage.

We love the…

  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • 1” plates
  • Adjustable heat
  • Auto shut-off
  • Fast heat-up

We dislike the…

  • For straightening only

This Revlon has proven great for straightening and flattening hair, but not so well for curling. The XL True-Grip Smooth-Glide floating plate has rounded edges to prevent snagging, but the plates don’t run all the way to the edge and some hair pulling has occurred when trying to curl.

But, if you’re looking for flat and straight hair, it’s a performer. The 1” size is better for thicker and wavier hair. It heats to a high, salon-grade 455⁰F with 10 customizable heat settings to get the right temp for your hair type.

With 3x more ceramic, it has an incredible heat-up time of 15 seconds. Recessed buttons may be seem odd, but its location and design is to prevent unintentional changes to your settings during use. It has auto shut-off after 60 minutes and tourmaline to help with static-free and slick hair.

When your hair grows out, there’s no need to get rid of the Revlon. It’ll work with long hair too!

5. Bed Head Pixie ½” Straightener

Bed Head Pixie 1/2' Straightener
2,081 Reviews
Bed Head Pixie 1/2" Straightener
  • 1/2" Plates ideal for short hair which allows you to get close to the roots to tame flyaways
  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Reduces frizz and adds massive shine

Bed Head – if you love their hair products, it’s highly likely you’ll love their Pixie Straightener.

We love the…

  • Tourmaline ceramic
  • ½” plates
  • Fast heat-up
  • Compact
  • Dual voltage

We dislike the…

  • Chipping finish

The Bed Head flat iron has a cute and chic rating across the board, unfortunately, that cuteness doesn’t last as the finish appears to chip off after a while.

What about functionality? With ceramic tourmaline plates, it does provide a smooth glide, but perhaps not the same as one that costs three times more. It has ½” size plates for getting close to the roots for short hair, and with a dial for setting heat, you can reach a max of 430⁰F.

It’s small and ready for travel with its dual voltage benefits, but it does not close for compact storage, and does take a little longer than 30 seconds for true heat-up time.

The Bed Head Pixie would be the type of flat iron that you should keep in your go-bag or backpack for when you need to tame and touch-up throughout the day. Short hair needs maintenance work too, and if you’re already a Bed Head hair product user, why not complete your tool kit with a Bed Head flat iron?

6. Conair Instant Heat ¾” Flat Iron

Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron, 3/4 Inch
1,359 Reviews
Conair Instant Heat Ceramic Flat Iron, 3/4 Inch
  • Turbo Heat Flat Iron: With ceramic coated 3/4 inch floating plates and a Turbo Heat Boost button, this flat iron quickly delivers gentle, even heat to flatten, straighten or flip hair with long...
  • The Heat Is On: Featuring 25 heat settings and a 30 second heat up, this flat iron delivers up to 400 degrees F while the uniform heat recovery system ensures consistent styling; Dual voltage for...

If you want instant heat, you may as well buy a flat iron that has it in its name!

We love the…

  • ¾” plates
  • Floating plates
  • Turbo Heat Boost
  • Fast heat-up
  • 25 heat settings

We dislike the…

  • Ceramic coated plates

The Conair Instant Heat flat iron is a machine that gets hot very fast. This is fantastic news for gals and guys that are constantly in a rush. It technically has a 30-second heat-up time, and if you want more heat in a jiffy, hit the Turbo Heat Boost button and voila – you’re on fire, well, not literally as that would be catastrophic.

The flat iron has a max of 400⁰F with 25 heat settings, so this is definitely a go for you if you have softer, finer, or already damaged and dry hair. The plates are of the floating kind, so they move to adjust for the amount of hair you place between them.

What’s nice about this model is that you can achieve that natural, straight, curly, or wavy look. It doesn’t get your hair unnaturally straight as a board, but it will control the fuzzies and strays.

The downside are the ceramic coated plates – super-hot real fast and prone to hot spots. While it doesn’t leave creases or burning, you should be using a heat protectant product before using it.

For the price, there had to be a compromise, so if you’re on a budget, make sure you have the appropriate hair products lined up before use.

7. KISS Ceramic Tourmaline Pencil Flat Iron

Kiss Products Red Ceramic Tourmaline 3/10 Inch Pencil Flat Iron,...
2,240 Reviews
Kiss Products Red Ceramic Tourmaline 3/10 Inch Pencil Flat Iron,...
  • Thinnest Flat Iron on the market at 3/10" to straighten those hard to reach edges
  • Ceramic Tourmaline plates eliminate frizz and preserves hair moisture

For a flat iron in the budget market, it’s awesome to see good plating technology for those with short hair or who need precision styling.

We love the…

  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • 3/10” plates
  • For thick, curly hair
  • 60-sec heat-up
  • Swivel cord

We dislike the…

  • Fixed heat

If you have relaxed, soft, or fine hair, this is not the right flat iron for you. It’s powerful and hot, perfect for thick, curly, resistant, and course hair. Yes, the plates are narrow, but they need to be for short hair-dos so that the iron can get close to the roots, get in hard-to-reach places, and deal with strays around the face.

It has ceramic tourmaline plating technology that allows for smooth passes without encouraging static and frizz. Hair will be left smooth, natural-looking, and flowing.

It has a good heat-up time of 60 seconds. It’s not as fast as other models, but then again, its heating up to a high max of 450⁰F. There is no adjustable heat, so be honest about your hair type or it may be overkill for your needs.

With a pencil thin design, high heat, quality plating, and narrow plates, this is a flat iron made for natural hair, thick and dense hair with short hairstyles.

8. Le Angelique Hummingbird Flat Iron

Le Angelique HummingBird 1/4 Inch Thin Flat Iron for Short Hair &...
73 Reviews
Le Angelique HummingBird 1/4 Inch Thin Flat Iron for Short Hair &...
  • Up to 450F Adjustable temperature / Fast heat up time
  • 0.25" Tourmaline & Ceramic Plates / Easy to use Swivel Cord

Really new to the market is the Angelique Hummingbird. Guys with hair long enough to flat iron and gals with short pixie cuts, this is a flat iron you must get your hands on.

We love the…

  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • ¼” plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Adjustable heat
  • Lifetime warranty

We dislike the…

  • Not quite hot enough

The Hummingbird is designed to provide a max temperature of 450⁰F, but those with thick, short hair have been unable to get the results they’re after. This is possibly due to the narrow plates versus the actual complaint of not reaching max temperature. However, it works excellently with somewhat relaxed, thin hair. It does have adjustable heat settings, so no fear for the fine-haired person.

It has extremely small ¼” ceramic tourmaline plates. Smooth motions, snag-free movement, and extreme precision capability for edges, roots, and more.

It’s instantly ready for travel with dual voltage and a compact 10.5” length. The On/Off switch and heat dial is located on the inside of the flat iron – out of sight, out of mind to eliminate unintentional changes.

A heat resistant pouch and pad are included in the buy, and you also get a lifetime warranty on the flat iron. Not bad at all!

Hailing in the market of ¼” plates is the Hummingbird that is setting the trend. It may be more expensive than competing models, but guess what, they don’t have teeny tiny, narrow plates! This is precision styling at its best.

9. CHI Tech Travel ¾” Hairstyling Iron

CHI Tech 3/4' Travel Ceramic Hairstyling Iron for On-the-go...
190 Reviews
CHI Tech 3/4" Travel Ceramic Hairstyling Iron for On-the-go...
  • Mini iron that is small enough for on the go, yet powerful enough to smooth and tame frizz like a full size iron
  • Dual voltage for international travel.

You had a full-size CHI when you had long tresses, but did you think about buying a new CHI when you chopped it off? Lucky for you, CHI has you covered.

We love the…

  • Ceramic
  • ¾” plates
  • Quick heat-up
  • Dual voltage
  • Swivel cord

We dislike the…

  • Fixed heat

It might be small, but it’s still a CHI. This travel-size straightener has real ceramic plates that provides the heat distribution, fast heat-up, and protective qualities you need from ceramic. It has a fixed, max setting of 392⁰F, so your hair is either thin, soft, somewhat relaxed, dry, and/or fragile.

With the narrow ¾” plates, you can fix up your bobs, short shags, and lobs with enough accuracy and handling to get close to the roots and deal with fly-aways.

It takes about 30 seconds to heat up, and what you get out of it is consistency. With a fast recovery time thanks to the quality of CHI products, this can also be your travel iron for touch-ups on the go. Like all CHI flat irons, it’s dual voltage ready for international travel.

But, you don’t have to go that far to reap its benefits. Think recess breaks, just before a date, or before walking on stage. It’s easier to pull out a compact flat iron that’s easy and fast to use for precision work than packing up the big guns from home.

10. CHI Smart Gemz Magnify 2-in-1 Set

CHI Smart Gemz Pink Floral Zirconium Titanium Magnify 1' Digital...
67 Reviews
CHI Smart Gemz Pink Floral Zirconium Titanium Magnify 1" Digital...
  • Item Package Length: 16.0cm
  • Item Package Width: 18.1cm

What would you say if you could get two CHI flat irons for around $100? You wouldn’t say anything because you’d be busy squealing.

We love the…

  • 2-in-1 set
  • Cute finish
  • Zirconium & titanium
  • 1” & ¾” plates
  • Adjustable heat

We dislike the…

  • 410⁰F max temp

CHI offers the Smart Gemz Magnify Flat Iron Sets with multiple finish options. One of the most popular options is the Pink Floral design. You have a 1” floral flat iron and a ¾” solid pink flat iron. Yep – there are really two flat irons included in the buy. You also get a few accessories for good measure too.

The plating technology is interesting in and of itself. CHI has a zirconium and titanium patent pending for the time being, and it’s supposed to deliver unsurpassed, silky smooth results. Combine this with ceramic heaters and you also have even heat distribution and moisture-locking benefits.

They offer adjustable heat with a max setting of 410⁰F. For those with extremely thick hair, it’s too bad that you’ll be missing out on this deal. But, for everyone else, it’s a shame that you may only get to use the ¾” one for now. You may find yourself growing your hair out just to be able to use the 1” flat iron down the road!

What to Look for in a Flat Iron for Short Hair

Short hair needs TLC too. Just because you’ve chopped off your locks, it doesn’t mean your styling days are over. Here’s what you need to look for in a flat iron for your specific needs.

What is Short Hair?

There are no hard and fast rules to determine length and style when it comes to short hair.

Between the many variations of pixies, bobs, pompadour, undercuts, shags, lobs, and the natural afro, short hair and short hair styles are different from one person to the next and so any official definition is thrown out the window.

The general acknowledgement of short hair among most of us is any length that almost reaches the shoulders and shorter.


Using the right temperature is not necessarily related to length as it is to hair type. You can have short hair that is curly and thick requiring a higher temperature, or you could have the complete opposite with short hair that is fine and fragile requiring a much lower temperature.

Use the appropriate temperature setting for your hair type just as you are looking for the right size flat iron for your hair type.


Unlike heat requirements, plate size usually remains consistent across the board between short-haired folks. Small is best as it allows you to get close to the roots without burning your scalp and you can make fine styling touches to give those ends for a wisp, curl, or some oomph with a little hair spray to boot.

Sizes between 0.25” to 1” will be the most appropriate plate sizes for short hair. While ¼” sizes are hard to find, they’re definitely coming out in the market.

If your hair is less than 2” long, stick with the smaller end of the spectrum. If your hair is thicker or slightly longer as it’s closer to the shoulders, try a ¾” to 1” size. Going too large will inevitably lengthen your styling time exposing your ends to more heat and damage. It also gets harder to do the precision work you need to highlight your short-haired style.

If you’re not accustomed to having short hair, you’ll quickly find out that your utensil needs will vary greatly from what you used to use with long hair.

Mini/Travel Flat Irons

If in doubt about what type of flat iron is right for your mane, narrow down the search by looking at mini or travel-sized flat irons. They’re usually small and compact due to the narrower plates that are well-suited to styling short dos.

If you happen to be traveling, or require touch-ups throughout the day, they make for excellent, portable tools that can fit in your backpack or purse.

Guys, these are well-suited to you too. Unruly cow licks, beards with a mind of their own, and beach hair that could use a curl or two – you’re not excluded.


Can you Flat Iron Short Hair?

Yes! Everyone gets bed hair including those with short, freshly snipped haircuts. Short hair, even that as short as an inch, can be ironed out to give a perfectly finished look. The key is finding the right size flat iron that is narrow enough to get close to the roots to the job you need it to do.

What Size Flat Iron is Best for Short Hair?

Depending on how short your hair is, the best sizes will be between 0.25” to 0.75”. The narrow plates allow you to handle the lengths easier and faster than with a wider plate. A 1” could serve you well if you have thicker hair that is slightly longer around the chin to the shoulders.

What Plate Coating is Best for Short Hair?

Ceramic, tourmaline, and titanium are excellent plate coatings for short hair just as they are for long hair too. The real question to ask is what is the best plate material for your hair type?

Ceramic is a great regulator of heat at lower temperatures. It heats up quickly while it’s still able to distribute it evenly across the plates. It’s suitable for all hair types but is especially appropriate for fine, thin, fragile, damaged, weak, and dry hair. Lower temperatures with ceramic will keep your hair in good shape as you work towards improving its condition.

Tourmaline is excellent for all hair types as it provides negative ion benefits, moisture-locking, and smoothness in the hair shaft.

Titanium is very powerful, a conductor of high heat, and is best suited to thick, curly, wavy, dense, course, resistant, and stubborn hair. Using titanium along with high heat can provide maximum satisfaction.

Time for a Haircut?

Women in general tend to hold onto long hair for far too long even if it’s not flattering. There’s something liberating about cutting it off and starting fresh. But, while many tend to think it’s a move for less maintenance, it’s only less work if you’re solely talking about length.

In fact, short hair needs love too. You can style, flat iron, curl, and add personality to a short do – you just need the right tool for the job.

If you’re ready for a change or looking for a new tool to highlight your short hairstyle, a narrow plate flat iron will be the key to satisfaction.

Cheers to a new haircut with new styles and new hair utensils!

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