Best Travel Flat Iron in 2021: We Review 8 Top Compact Hair Straighteners

Going abroad, on vacation, or returning home for the holidays?

Bikini? Check. Passport? Check. Hair straightener? Um. . . 

Got a travel flat iron anyone?

Everyone should have one. It’s one of those tools that should fit right alongside your purse, lipstick, and other essentials.

Here’s what you need to know before you hit the road or the skies.

Best Travel Flat Iron

Why buy a dedicated travel straightener?

Why the heck not?

They’re cute, compact, and lightweight. They can be small enough to fit into your makeup clutch so that you’re never without your much-needed touch-up tool when you desperately need it most.

Think along the lines of having to get put together after a long flight or road trip. Where is your flat iron? Your daily, bulky workhorse is packed with your luggage buried in the trunk, on a conveyor belt, or in the wrong state – oops.


The travel flat iron.

Here are the most adorable and yet fully functioning flat irons made specifically for road trips, vacations – wherever you’re going!

Best Travel Flat Iron Reviews

1. BaByliss PRO Mini Hair Straightening Iron

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
3,265 Reviews
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron
  • The BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Mini Straightening Iron delivers superior heat retention in a compact (total length 6", plate width 1"), travel-ready size! Get smooth, shiny beautiful hair from this...
  • Nano Titanium plates offer even heat distribution without hot spots & negative ions leave locks smooth & shiny.

If your thicker hair means guaranteed hair troubles while you’re abroad, the BaByliss PRO Mini Travel Flat Iron is a must-have. It’s small with full-size performance.

We love the…

  • Nano Titanium
  • 1” plates
  • Dual-voltage
  • Compact
  • Ultra-lightweight

We dislike the…

  • Fixed temperature

So, you don’t want to compromise on plate size because you have somewhat longer hair, but you don’t want a bulky flat iron for your travels. This is where the Babyliss PRO Mini enters the picture. It’s an incredibly short 6” long but retains 1” plates – perfect. You get handheld size with full-size benefits.

Along with its scaled-down but full-performance benefits is the brand’s Nano Titanium plating technology that delivers iconic, frizz-free glamour and consistent heat distribution for one-pass perfection.

Ideal for travel, it has built-in dual voltage, max temp of 440°F for those climates where frizz is unavoidable, and it’s easy to use. The downside to its simplicity is that there are no controls, so it’s one temp all the time, on and off. So, thin and damaged hair – this isn’t a flat iron for you.

2. Lovani Ceramic Tourmaline Mini Flat Iron

Mini Portable Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Travel...
1,734 Reviews
Mini Portable Flat Iron Tourmaline Ceramic Dual Voltage Travel...
  • Ceramic Tourmaline plates for even heat that's gentle on hair.3D Floating plate for better contact and straighter results.create smooth,shiny hair with no damage.
  • Portable super mini travel size,Dual voltage design for worldwide’s ideal mini hair iron for travel.

You don’t need to compromise on quality materials just because your flat iron is getting smaller in size. Lovani makes sure you still have ionic and smoothening benefits while you’re out and about!

We love the…

  • Ceramic & tourmaline
  • Floating plates
  • Non-slip grip contact
  • Fast heat-up
  • Compact

We dislike the…

  • Fixed temperature

The Lovani Mini Travel Portable Flat Iron provides the precision work you need to do touch-up work at the office, before you head the door, or even in the heat of the moment if you can plug in. With its auto dual voltage benefits, you don’t need to use a converter if you’re heading across seas – one less expense!

It’s designed for travel which is obvious with its 7.1” length and 6 oz weight. The ceramic with tourmaline plates are ½” in size and reach a hot 410°F heat within 30 seconds. It is a fixed temp, so move swiftly during passes to prevent fine hair from damage.

The portable flat iron is ergonomically designed for easy and comfortable use. It has a non-slip grip design and hand cool tips to prevent accidental contact with the plates and heat dissipation.

For on-the-go touch-ups, the Lovani fits the bill and your needs.

3. Conair Unbound Cordless Mini Petite Flat Iron

Conair Unbound Cordless 3/4-inch Mini Flat Iron ~ Rechargeable...
19 Reviews
Conair Unbound Cordless 3/4-inch Mini Flat Iron ~ Rechargeable...
  • New! Create beautiful sleek and straight styles anytime, anywhere with the unbound mini 3/4-inch flat iron from Conair
  • Up to 20-minutes of cord-free runtime; run time will vary based on hair type. Charge fully overnight before first use. Charge time will vary depending on adapter and power source

It may not be your workhorse of a flat iron, but it’s exactly what you need for quick fixes throughout the day. Better yet – no plugging in!

We love the…

  • Cordless
  • 20 mins run-time
  • USB charge
  • Compact
  • Auto-off

We dislike the…

  • Ceramic coated plates

The Conair mini and portable flat iron costs more due to its internal lithium ion battery. This gives you the ability to literally pull it out of your purse, turn it on, and make quick work of those strays and fly-aways.

It has a 20 min. run time depending on how much hair you’re covering, but since it’s not really your full-size, do-over flat iron, it’s enough time to make fast adjustments. To recharge it, simply use the included USB cable. Plug it into the dashboard of the car, your computer, USB port at the airport – anywhere!

But, it does have ceramic coated plates instead of solid ceramic. This would be an issue for all-over use, but again, for rapid and instant touch-up work, it does the job. Heating up to 400°F, you can do what you need to do in the moment – just keep a small spray of heat protectant in your purse.

Oh, it also comes with a heat-resistant pouch, so you don’t burn away your lipstick or cash when tucking it away!

4. KIPOZI Mini Travel Hair Straightener

KIPOZI Mini Straightener, Small Flat Irons for Short Hair, 0.7...
878 Reviews
KIPOZI Mini Straightener, Small Flat Irons for Short Hair, 0.7...
  • The mini hair straightener use the advanced ptc ceramic heater provides the shiny and ultra smooth tresses that are without any damaged and frizz on your hair
  • 40s fast heat up to 392℉ constant temperature makes your hair style fixing perfectly.

This teeny tiny KIPOZI travel and mini flat iron is crazy cheap. With prices like this, you have no excuse to go without a travel unit anytime you leave home.

We love the…

  • 3D floating plates
  • Fast heat-up
  • Fixed temperature
  • Ultra-compact
  • Ultra-lightweight

We dislike the…

  • Lower temperature

The KIPOZI is better suited to those with fine, short, or damaged hair. It has a fixed temperature of 392°F which suits most people on-the-go just fine. But, while that sounds pretty hot, it has PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heaters that aren’t as fast as MCH (Metal Ceramic Heater) in heating recovery.

What does this mean for you? If you have thicker or longer hair, it won’t feel like it is getting or staying hot enough. However, as a precision worker for touch-ups here and there on finer hair, it’s a good, low heat that won’t cause damage or fry your already fragile hair. The last thing you need is burned, smelly hair while on vacation.

The KIPOZI travel flat iron is crazy small with a 0.35 lb weight, 6.7” length, and 0.7” plates, so it will be no stranger to travel. While it does have worldwide voltage compatibility, you will need an adapter to plug in if traveling abroad.

5. Phoebe Mini Ceramic Tourmaline International Hair Straightener

PHOEBE Mini Travel Flat Iron, 100-240V Dual Voltage 3/4 Inch...
522 Reviews
PHOEBE Mini Travel Flat Iron, 100-240V Dual Voltage 3/4 Inch...
  • 【Mini Hair Straightener for Travel and Short Hair/Bangs】The mini flat iron is only 175g and 7.9 inch length, it’s ideal for travel.
  • 【Handle Lock for Easy Storage】The handle lock makes the small hair straightener more compact size to store easily at home and travel.

So, you’re after compact but not teeny tiny as many flat irons that are designed for travel are. Enter here, the Phoebe Mini. It’s 7.8” long and yet still literally weightless at 6.4 oz.

We love the…

  • Ceramic tourmaline
  • ¾” plates
  • Dual voltage
  • Purple finish
  • Handle lock

We dislike the…

  • Not for full-style straightening

You may have done your hair when you left the hotel, but then realized the humidity has turned your bangs and stray hairs to instant frizz. Got a travel flat iron on ya? For this price, you best have one before you leave your home country.

The Phoebe Mini has ¾” plates that’s just large enough to do some decent coverage when you’re away. With its ceramic tourmaline materials, it will instantly smoothen and wipe out any positive ions that are messing with your do. But it’s still a small flat iron, so if full-style, the whole shebang styling is in order, just go with a full-size one.

It’s rated for international use and automatic conversion, so plug in with an adapter wherever you find an outlet! It has a funky purple finish that is far more attractive than the oft-seen black, and the handle lock maximizes its compact size for storing away in the bag for easy concealment.

With an anti-slip design, swivel cord, and one-button operation, the Phoebe is incredibly easy to use. Is 430°F hot enough for ya?

6. CHI Tech ¾” Travel HairStyling Iron

CHI Tech 3/4' Travel Ceramic Hairstyling Iron for On-the-go...
190 Reviews
CHI Tech 3/4" Travel Ceramic Hairstyling Iron for On-the-go...
  • Mini iron that is small enough for on the go, yet powerful enough to smooth and tame frizz like a full size iron
  • Dual voltage for international travel.

CHI puts their hand in with a mini traveling flat iron that’s larger than most of its category but still slim and compact enough for travel.

We love the…

  • Ceramic
  • ¾” plates
  • Dual voltage
  • 6.5 ft cord
  • Fast heat-up

We dislike the…

  • Fixed temperature

This CHI is not your ordinary CHI as it has been scaled down for work on small sections of dry hair. Think fringes, stray fly-aways, and kinks around the scalp. Like other travel irons, it’s not designed for complete redos of the hair as you would expect to use a full-size flat iron.

With that in mind, you can appreciate its versatile 392°F temperature that is good for all hair types. With real ceramic plates, you have the benefits of a fast 30-second heat-up time, consistent and even heat distribution, and smooth results.

If you’re traveling internationally, you’ll just need the adapter – no converter since it has dual voltage. The swivel 6.5 ft cord is appropriate for small spaces, and the 11” length provides good handling that may be preferred over the 7” (approx.) lengths of typical mini flat irons.

If you’re a diehard CHI loyalist, you’ll be pleased to know there is a travel-sized CHI that can accompany you on your trip.

7. Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron

Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron USB Rechargeable Hair Straightener...
487 Reviews
Deogra Cordless Mini Flat Iron USB Rechargeable Hair Straightener...
  • 【ONLY CAN BE USE FOR TOUCHING UP SHORT THIN FINE HAIR】 Your private hair stylists to style your hair on the go! Make a quick touch-up hairdo to keep your hair silky and restores hairstyle before...
  • 【REGRESH YOUR STRAIGHTS OR CURLS ON THE GO】 Deogra small portable flat iron allows you to touch up bangs, hair frame or hair tail perfectly. Please preheat 2-3 minutes before using. Note: ideal...

Looks like a huge lipstick tube. This isn’t by accident as it’s a design concept that fits the ideal of having on-the-go makeup essentials that now includes your flat iron. With a gorgeous Mermaid finish that changes colors in the light, it’s not just a tool but an art statement.

We love the…

  • Cordless
  • Battery-operated
  • 25 min operation
  • Trendy design
  • Compact & lightweight

We dislike the…

  • Long preheat time

Having a cordless and battery-operated flat iron is worth having around when you’re in the car or unable to plug in. However, it does have a very long 2-3 minute preheat time so that does subtract from its ease of use while traveling. It seems that this is the compromise for having battery-operated power.

If you have the five minutes to spare, it’s worth it to have the convenience of straightening out those kinks for last minute refreshers without worry of finding an outlet. It’s no issue to pack and store this compact flat iron as it’s 7.8” long and 0.6 oz.

The small flat iron will not get as hot as corded electric versions, but it will do touch-up jobs on short, thin, fine hair and on small sections like bangs and your ends. It has a good operation time of 25 minutes for tidying up your fringe, give your toddler some curls, and to let those fly-aways know who’s boss.

With the Deogra Cordless Mini in your purse, not a single hair will be out of place at any point in the day wherever you are.  

8. GHD Gold Professional ½” Styler

ghd Gold Professional 1/2 inch Styler
70 Reviews
ghd Gold Professional 1/2 inch Styler
  • Ceramic heaters and contoured plates
  • Professional Finish, includes protective plate guard

To have professional products comes with the cost of professional prices. We all know that GHDs are not cheap and this trend remains true for their ½” flat iron.

We love the…

  • Ceramic
  • ½” plates
  • Dual zone sensors
  • Larger frame
  • Fast heat-up

We dislike the…

  • One-year life

This Gold Series ½” styler is not necessarily made for the road, but it is a great tool for quick jobs when you’re traveling within the country. It is corded with a professional salon-length cord of 9 feet. However, it is lighter in weight than typical full-size flat irons because of its ½” ceramic plates.

It’s great for short and fine hair, especially those fragile sections around the face that consistently need touching up. When you’re at a friend’s house, it’s a great tool to bring along to do last minute finishing jobs before you walk out the door. You don’t need to lug around the laborer that does all the heavy lifting – just a small finisher is needed.

With a temperature setting of 365°F, you won’t have to worry about damaging your hair with what may be repetitious touching up throughout the day. It’s also good news for those with fragile or very fine hair.

However, this little model has happened to have a short shelf life for some buyers. Since it’s GHD, you can have confidence that they’ll take care of you throughout the entire 2-year warranty.

GHD is expensive, but there are some that are unwilling to try another brand. Why switch if you’ve found something that gives results like no other flat iron around?

What to Look for in a Travel Flat Iron

When you’re limited to 45 or maybe 50 lbs of luggage, we tend to get picky about what comes along for the trip. Clubbing shoes – check. Sarong – done. Cosmetics – check.

When there are travel flat irons that are easily affordable in the market, you can save yourself the weight and throw in some wedges or stilettos in place for good measure. Decisions, decisions. So, what should you know about a portable flat iron that can help you make the decision to leave the daily runner at home?


Most travel hair straighteners will have a single, fixed heat temperature usually starting from 392°F to 450°F. They’re designed to be simple and easy to use for on-the-go touch-ups and quick work on small sections of hair.


We tend to think of small and mini sizes for travel appliances. It’s no fun touting a bulky appliance, and it’s of no use to you if it’s stuck in a suitcase out of your reach. So, compact flat irons tend to be under 1” in size with a scaled down length to around 7” to cater for restricted dimensions for packing and travel.

However, it doesn’t have a to be a mini flat iron to be good for travel. If you would rather a full-size straightener, it must offer dual-voltage if you’re traveling out of the country. Without this and a travel adapter, it will not work and will not be safe to use. 

Dual Voltage

If it’s a true traveling flat iron, it should offer dual voltage. This allows you to plug-in throughout your travels. This is an essential feature because too low a voltage and you won’t get it working, and too high a voltage, and you could blow something. Dual voltage includes two options: 110-120V and 220-240V.

Particularly if you’re traveling internationally, you should be buying an international travel adapter to plug into because not all countries have the same style prongs.

Cordless Battery Operation

There are cordless and battery-operated flat irons available. While the tech could yet be improved, they do a decent job for quick work with an operating life of 20-25 minutes. You will still need to charge or replace the batteries depending on how often you use it.


What is the Smallest Size Flat Iron?

Flat iron size is a reference to plate size. The smallest plate size is 0.5” and is designed for travel. It’s also a good size for men’s hair and even beard hair. It’s a size that’s used for precision work on small sections for short and fine hair, bob-style cuts, bangs/fringes, hair framing around the face, and for getting close to the scalp.

What Size Flat Iron is Best?

The best size flat iron will be the one best suited to the length of your hair and what you want out of it. Small sizes under 1” are best for precision work and for short lengths. 1” flat irons are versatile as they can help achieve various styles on all types and lengths of hair. 1 ¼” and larger works better for longer hair, thick hair, straightening, and loose curls and waves.

Are Wide Hair Straighteners Better?

Wide plates are good for long and thick hair as they cover more during straightening. However, they do get bigger and heavier and they’re harder to do precision work or get close to the scalp.

Wide plates are not made equal. It’s just as important to consider plate materials, heater quality, and the right temperature. More coverage with bad plates will be mean more uneven heat distribution, hot spots, and frying your hair. Quality plates, regardless of size, are safer and more effective to use.

A Purse Stylist

Who says your hair can’t kill it just because you’re away from home?

Those who don’t have a travel flat iron is who.

Jealous haters.

Most likely, literally no one.

Really though, leave the daily workhorse at home and buy a dedicated travel hair straightener. You’ll thank yourself when you pull your mini flat iron out of your purse just before group photos, attending a high-school reunion, or partying. They’re designed for travel, so don’t try to talk yourself out of it.

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