Best Hair Straightening Cream Guide: Pro’s & Con’s & How To Use In 2020

Taking good care of your hair can make a significant difference to both its health and its appearance.

It is especially important to look after your hair if you use products or appliances that have the potential to cause damage.

Straight hair has remained fashionable for quite some time and it is a trend that seems set to stay for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, the regular use of flat irons and hairdryers has the potential to damage your hair if not used properly.

Therefore, if you use good hair straightening irons regularly, you might want to consider using products that limit the amount of damage.

One option is to buy a hair straightening cream.

Why You Should Use Hair Straightening Cream

If you already straighten your hair and do not use any products while doing so, then you may wonder why you would need to start buying additional products. You have managed to straighten your hair without using any extras so far, so why should you start buying straightening cream now?

However, there are 3 very good reasons why you might want to start buying these products now.

1) Straightening Cream Protects Your Hair

Long-term use of high-heat appliances, such as hair straighteners, can cause dryness and even damage it over time.

Even good quality irons can do harm, especially if your hair is bleached or treated. A good straightening cream is formulated to prevent heat damage.

2) Straightening Cream Can  Save You Time & Money

Getting rid of the frizz and getting perfectly straight locks is often time-consuming. When you use a good straightening cream, you can achieve the results you want in less time, and your hair will usually stay straighter for longer.

A good quality straightening cream will save you money as it not only protects your hair, but adds shine and gloss, eliminating the need for additional products.

3) Keeps Your Hair Straighter For Longer

There is nothing more frustrating than straightening your hair for an evening out only for the frizz to return in just a few hours.

This is a problem you will avoid when using straightening creams. Most products will specify the length of time for which your hair will remain straight, some even up to 48 hours!

What To Look For In A Good Hair Straightening Cream

Heat protection is the first thing to look for in a good straightening cream. You want to make sure you are buying a product that helps you to protect your hair when you are using hot appliances.

Secondly, ensure that you choose a cream that will give you a long-lasting finish. Realistically, you do not want one that offers anything less than 24-hours of straight hair. Some guarantee an even longer finish, with many claiming to keep your locks straight for up to 48 hours.

Price is an important aspect of choosing a product for many people. Fortunately, there are options to suit all budgets. Also, you may wish to think about bulk buying if you straighten your hair on a regular basis.

Also, ensure the cream offers other attributes such as adding shine, moisturizing, and that it has natural ingredients.

How to Use Hair Straightening Creams

Using straightening cream is just one step in achieving healthy, straight hair. Making sure you use it correctly and at the right time is important to the end result.

Although the exact application instructions will vary from one product to the next, the following is a general guide to when you use the cream.

  • First, shampoo and condition. Don’t miss out on the conditioner as this will add moisture to your hair and this is essential to keep your hair healthy when using a styling tool
  • Next, towel dry your hair (the cream should only be applied to damp hair, not wet)
  • Once you have removed most of the water from your hair, apply the cream in accordance with the instructions
  • Then, dry your hair thoroughly with a hair dryer and a brush
  • Finally, you can begin straightening one section at a time using a good quality flat iron

Where to Find Top Hair Straightener Products

John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling CrèmeThe best hair straightening products are available in many stores, including health and beauty shops, salons, supermarkets, shopping malls and pharmacists. However, one of the easiest ways to buy them is online.

Many of the best-selling straightening creams are sold online which is also an easy and convenient way to compare the different products available, their price and the advantages of using each.

It is also useful to look at the star rating and read some reviews of consumers who have previously bought these products.

Home Vs Salon Straightening Treatments & Products

The products that are used in salons contain chemicals that alter the structure of the hair allowing it to be restyled and restructured. The strength of the chemicals used in these treatments usually gives a permanent result as the chemical structure of the hair is permanently altered.

It is important to note that when your new hair grows through, it is the same as your hair before the treatment. So, if you had frizz issues prior to the straightening treatment, your new hair will also grow back frizzy.

Straightening creams for home use also contain chemicals that work in this way, but the formula is much weaker. This means that the cream will not permanently straighten.

However, it will achieve straight hair for longer than if you simply used flat irons. In most cases, the chemicals used in home hair straightening creams are activated when the heat is applied from an appliance, such as the flat iron or your hairdryer.


Anyone who uses products or appliances that may damage their hair should take preventative measures to limit the amount of damage caused.

For those people who use hair straightening irons regularly, buying cream is one of the easiest ways to take care of your hair.

Not only will this keep it healthy, and looking sleek and glossy.

Amazon is a great place to begin your search and you will find there are plenty of products available to suit all budgets, hair types and needs. Maybe you are looking to buy a top quality hair straightening brush rather than an iron for your hair, if so you should check out our buying guide.