Best Flat Iron Brands That Are Top Sellers In 2020!

Flat irons are fantastic for styling hair in various ways. From straightening to curling, flipping, bending and any other style imaginable. When choosing an iron it is important to pick from a reputable company so you know you are getting what you pay for.

Sometimes it is OK to blame the tool when things aren’t going as smoothly as they should be – excuse the pun.  And when it comes to hair styling the tool plays an integral part. It really does come down to a good or bad hair day.

We have named a few of the top flat iron brands along with a brief about each one. These companies are the big players in the hair appliance world and have built solid reputations through listening to customers and developing high quality products.

HSI Professional

HSI logo

HSI Professional is a company that is based in Florida and was founded based on a dream to create a company that produced the best beauty products on the market.

This company produces a range of top-quality styling tools that can deliver the same results as salons.

They are dedicated to manufacturing hair care products that their loyal customers find easy to use and that achieve results of the highest standard. These products are sold to customers in 47 countries.

HSI Professional also pride themselves on delivering an excellent standard of customer service and shipping products quickly and efficiently around the globe.

They understand that the service they deliver is just as important to their customers as the products themselves.

In the future, HSI Professional aims to expand their product range and they have also set goals to attend more events and to get more involved with charities.


BaByliss PRO is part of the Conair Corporation. This is an American company that was founded in 1959 and predominantly sells products in the categories of health and beauty, personal care, and small appliances.

The company is owned by the founder’s son, Leandro Rizzuto. Conair Corporation became a public company in 1972.

Since the company was founded they have continued to create innovative products for both professional hairdressers and the general public.

The products designed and manufactured by BaByliss PRO are used by many top professional stylists to create new designs and set new hairstyle trends.

BaByliss PRO is especially passionate about ensuring customers have only their top-quality products and dealing with any counterfeit products that make it onto the market.

By doing so, they are ensuring that they keep their brand name a well-respected name in the hair care industry.


Remington was founded in 1816 and was originally a firearms maker that sometimes ventured into other products.

They first began making personal care products in 1937 when they branched out into the design and production of electric shavers for men. In 1994, they bought Clairol, a hair care products company.

Now the range of personal care products produced includes shavers, clippers, trimmers, blow dryers, curling irons, and, of course, flat irons.

Since this time, Remington has continued to develop their range of products to meet the changing needs of their customers and introduce new features to their products to ensure they keep up with technological advancements in the hair care industry.

This company’s constant strive to develop their products for their customers is just one of the reasons why customers stay loyal to Remington.


VOLOOM products are manufactured by a company called Oomph Innovations LLC that is based in San Francisco.

This company is relatively new as it was filed in 2012 and was established solely for the purposes of producing VOLOOM hair straighteners and selling them online.

Oomph Innovations LLC is owned by Patricia A. Lund and William M. Schwartz.

The aim of this company is to produce hair straighteners that differ to those currently on the market by using innovative, patent-pending technology that is intended to volumize your hair and achieve longer-lasting results than other flat iron brands.


Kipozi is a relatively new beauty products company that is based in China with offices in Hengqin District, Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China.

The products they produce are split into four categories; makeup brush sets, eyelash curlers, hair curlers and hair straighteners. They currently sell a total of 33 products but have plans to extend their range.

The company mainly export their products to the United States, Canada, South America, Asia and Europe.

So far, they have received good feedback for their range of flat irons and they are committed to delivering the highest standard of customer care possible.


Xtava is a New York based beauty products company that filed its trademark in August 2014. The products they sell include blow dryers, hair product accessories, styling sets, curling irons, and flat irons.

The philosophy of this business is to ignore the one size fits all approach and instead they cater for the different styling needs of individuals, such as different hair types.

Their aim is to help customers find the right tools and techniques to suit their hair type and to achieve the same results at home as they would get in a salon.

This innovative company has an experienced team of designers and engineers who use three core values in each of the products they design.

First, they are dedicated to hair health and try to make sure they have an extensive range of products so customers can keep their hair healthy by using the right tools and techniques for their hair type.

Second, they strive to produce hair tools that are powerful and salon-grade quality. Finally, they aim to sell products that have a sleek and intuitive design.








Founded in 1959, Conair Corporation is one of the leading brands in the health and beauty, personal care products and small appliances industries.

Two of the hair care brands that fall under the umbrella of Conair are BaByliss and Scünci. This is an international company with offices across the globe.

However, their listed postal addresses are in East Windsor, New Jersey, and Glendale, Arizona. The owner of the company is Leandro Rizzuto who is the son of the company’s founder.

Conair is dedicated to researching and developing new and innovative hair care appliances that meet the needs of the modern customer. They sell their products for both domestic and professionals use, so they are constantly developing new features that will appeal to both markets.

Customer care is also an important part of Conair’s company ethos and they strive to ensure that the customers’ needs are met and they are completely satisfied with the products.

Furthermore, they take measures to prevent counterfeits of their products making it onto the market to ensure that customers are receiving only the best products available.


Wazor is a registered trademark of Shenzen Jinri Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. The company is based in Gongming Town, Shenzhen, China. This company predominantly sells their Wazor products online.

This manufacturer specializes in the production of hairdressing and beauty products, such as flat irons, that are suitable for both domestic and professional salon use.

In addition to flat irons, this company also produces blow dryers, hair curlers, and hair accessories.

Innovation is at the center of this company’s ethos and developing quality products that customers will desire is important to them. Making products that customers will enjoy using is an essential element of how this company operates and is at the forefront of the design process.


Of course there are many more hair appliance brands, but these companies have some of the of the most popular straighteners on the market today.

Hopefully you are now feeling more confident to go out there and have fun shopping!