Best Flat Iron Brands That Are Top Sellers In 2021!

From celebrity hairstylists to the average Joe, we all have our favorite haircare brands not limited to flat irons.

Whether it costs hundreds of dollars or a mere twenty bucks, has state-of-the-art plating technology or ceramic coated plates, or if it’s made in China or the USA, a favorite is a favorite for many a reason.

One thing you can count on is brand loyalty is usually due to proven results.

What does that mean?

It means, if the straightener does what you need it to do, it’s a keeper.

So, what brands have a fan following and are worth considering?

Let’s go over the best flat iron brands and discern what it is that people look for in a flat iron that drives buyers to be loyalists for life.

Best Flat Iron Brands


Amika is a young and new brand compared to the rest of the giants in the industry. Based out of Brooklyn, NY, they’re putting themselves out there with a great response from the market. Their high-quality flat irons have unique and chic finishes, and they range in price from $100 to $150.

They don’t have a huge inventory, but that’s of little concern. They sell the good stuff, and by the good stuff, we mean titanium plates, MCH heaters, built-in infrared light beams, and adjustable heat temperatures that go all the way to 450°F. You don’t need a huge selection when you have a handful of quality flat irons that can do it all.

BaByliss PRO

BaByliss has been around for decades, and it was founded in the city of love, Paris, France. Hair tools are what they do. It’s their la compétence, their la spécialisation.

We have founder and hairstylist Lelievre to thank for improving the original hair curling iron for stylists, and thanks to his entrepreneurism, BaByliss is a worldwide brand.

They offer porcelain, ceramic, and nano titanium flat irons in all sizes, price ranges, and each with various features that suits your needs best. This is a widely available brand that definitely has a flat iron that will match your needs.


CHI is one of those brands that buyers swear by. It’s not uncommon to buy a CHI and never look back. CHI Haircare is owned by Farouk Systems, Inc. which is based in Houston, Texas. They have manufacturing facilities in Texas, China, and more recently in a joint venture with LG, will establish a facility in South Korea.

CHI was the first to release a CHI ceramic flat iron to the market. Their flat irons range in price from $40 to $200. They’re known for their high-quality plates, long-lasting durability, and of course, their brand name that holds weight in the industry.


Conair has their fingers in everything beauty related from haircare to personal health and skincare. They also cater to men’s grooming which not every haircare brand does.

Not only do they have a massive inventory, their flat irons are available on the shelves of your local department store. They cater to the entry-level market, but the quality is exactly what many people need.

The accessibility, low prices, and better-than-expected performance makes them a winning brand in many people’s eyes.


Dyson – as in what most of us know as the vacuum cleaner brand. Yes, this appliance brand has released flat irons into the market. Like all their products, they’re not cheap, and you can expect that the brand put their own innovations into the flat iron design.

They’re futuristic, there’s nothing basic about them, and you can expect unbelievable results from their flat irons.

Even though they’re new to this type of hair product, you should keep an eye on how they may just change the flat iron industry in the future.

# Preview Product Rating
1 Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Fuchsia, Pink Dyson Corrale Hair Straightener Fuchsia, Pink 143 Reviews


Good Hair Day. What a brilliant brand name. It’s proven true for the brand as they are the leading business in the industry for their hair straighteners worldwide. You can bet that almost any salon you walk into, they’re either selling, using, or wish they were using GHD flat irons.

GHD carries several Flat Iron lines along with Limited Editions. Their flat irons range in price from $150 to $400 with various technologies from ceramic heaters to smart technology, Infinity sensors, and more.

As a brand that is in over 50,000 salons across the globe, is used by thousands of average people across the world, and has endorsements from multiple celebrities such as Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, and more, this is a brand you can trust for quality and results.

Infiniti Pro

Infiniti Pro is a Conair brand. This specific brand series, as you could call it, has multiple types of hair products including flat irons.

True to the parent company, their products are priced appropriately for the entry-level market. Their flat irons consistently sell in the thousands on any given shelf or online retailer.

For budget hair straighteners, Infiniti Pro by Conair knows how to deliver performance that drives sales.


KIPOZI is an Asian beauty brand that is killing it in the hair appliance industry. They are quickly becoming a leading name in the entry-level market and are competing and keeping up with big-name brands.

Their flat irons are inexpensive and they’re all different in size, style, and price. They have a solid selection that is wildly popular, and they’re proving that sometimes the underdog brand delivers exactly what a girl needs – great hair.

Paul Mitchell

Everyone knows this brand for their wide variety of hair products, but they also produce a small selection of flat irons too.

As is expected for a high-end and well-known brand, their flat irons don’t start until the $100 range. However, their basic models have all the fixings of what is considered as high-end for cheaper brands such as ceramic plating technology and adjustable heat.

This brand has been a driving force for many movements including cruelty-free, product transparency, green practices, and using sustainable ingredients. If you’re already a Paul Mitchell hair product user, you may appreciate that they also have flat irons that are competitive in quality and performance as some other giant brands in the business.


Remington, the American personal care brand is available on every shelf in every department store. While they have tons of different products to peruse, they do have an established footing in the flat iron market.

They are one of very few brands left still manufacturing wet to dry flat irons. Their selection is priced for the entry-level market, and it’s what makes them popular for the average person looking to buy a flat iron at the store or online last minute.


You may know this brand for the cosmetics you buy, but they also sell extremely affordable flat irons.

This business was founded during the Great Depression of the ‘30s, and it’s still standing strong nearly 100 years later. This company knows personal care and cosmetics, so they have first-hand experience of how quality and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. Their flat irons are produced with the same high standards as their other products and are no different when it comes to quality and performance.

Priced exceptionally low and attractively to many a buyer, Revlon is a brand worth considering and sticking with.


Having started in the salon industry, you can expect that Irvine Rusk knows hair. He knows what stylists and the average person at home needs to transform problems into solvable solutions at the salon level in the comfort of your own home.

The company manufactures professional and reliable products to provide the type of styling performance that inspires confidence in their clients and buyers.

This means that the hair color products that made them famous alongside with their flat irons will inspire you to acquire the confidence you need to sport fabulous hair.


T3 has been around for a while, but they’re definitely getting a lot of attention for their high-quality hair tools. Their flat iron selection is slim, but they’re worth taking notice of. They’re expensive as they are on par with other high-end brands in the market.

The company aims to keep up with state-of-the-art tech as well as innovate their own technologies into their flat irons.

The whole idea? Provide heat tech that understands hair, design features that can keep with the demands of your life, and a styling experience that is adaptable to what you need in any given moment.

What to Look for in a Flat Iron Brand

To help identify what it is that buys brand loyalty, take a peek at what does it for others as it may be the same for you.

Flat Iron Requirements

Here are reasons in order of priority that seems to be the trend of what keeps one buyer coming back to a specific brand.

  • Results – provides the style you want from one tool with the right heat temperature.
  • Performance – smooth gliding motions in one or two passes, no snagging!
  • Durability – lasts for a year at minimum.
  • Protects from damage – quality plating technology.
  • Convenience – additional features are nice but their lack are not deal breakers.

This pattern is seen over and over again, and of course, it may depend on who you talk to, but even with slight transposition of these requirements, it doesn’t change much with the majority of buyers. If one flat iron can check off all these needs, the haircare brand now has a loyal customer.

Cost of a Flat Iron

Cost can fall anywhere within the flat iron requirements list as you have some who will pay premium prices for the best regardless of cost.

Others will pay a little more for something a little better, and a lot of buyers who don’t care for specific brands will stick with their budget as long as a cheap flat iron does what they need it to do.

Most flat irons will be within the entry-level market from $20-$70. Mid-range quality will cost a little more around $70-$120. Then there are the crème de la crème flat irons that cost upwards of $150. At this price point, you tend to get brand-specific.

Warranty/Customer Service

Warranty coverage and customer service quality tend to be inherently connected.

While many may not give too much thought to this need at first, you can bet they will make it a priority after a bad experience with a defective product or a difficult return. It’s not so much the problem that’s a concern, it’s how well the problem is taken care of.

The warranty coverage and quality of customer service can quickly buy a brand a loyal customer for life, but bad service can cost the brand a loyal customer for life.

Time to Pick a Team

You can take someone’s word for it that a specific brand is a good brand, but most people want to find out for themselves.

Sometimes sticking with a brand that you’re familiar with is a good way to go. You already know how the brand treats its customers and you already know about the quality of their other products.

However, we’ve covered a variety of brands that are popular among a variety of buyers. It could be time to test the waters to see what additional and new technologies are out there. You just find yourself a new brand that stands for the same values you have and produces flat irons that meets your needs.

Whatever the reason, these brands are all popular, highly-praised, and worth considering. Who are you partial to?

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