Remington – Are They A Top Flat Iron Brand? Here’s What We Found…

More than ever, women are styling their hair at home rather than visiting the salon. One of the reasons why this is now possible is the wide range of hair styling appliances on the market.

Gone are the days when the only hair-related appliance in the home was the hairdryer.

Now, it is possible to straighten, curl or flick your hair from the comfort of your own home using a variety of accessories, tools and appliances.

One of the most popular hair care appliances is the hair straightener.

While there are many companies that manufacture and sell these products, Remington is currently one of the market leaders when it comes to producing and retailing good quality hair straighteners.

Remington Company Overview

Although hair straighteners are one of the best-known Remington products, the manufacture of these was not how the company began. The first healthy and beauty appliance that Remington Rand produced was actually an electric dry shaver that hit the shelves in 1937.

Even when Remington Rand merged with the Sperry Corporation to become the Sperry Rand Corporation in 1955, the company continued to manufacture new and innovative electric shavers.

It wasn’t until 1993 when Remington acquired Clairol Inc., a worldwide personal care appliance business, that Remington ventured into the production of appliances other than shavers. One of their health and beauty products was the Remington hair straightener.

Following a reorganization of the company in 1996, Remington Products was renamed as the Remington Products Company Ltd. Rayovac then acquired this company in 2003 before changing their name from Rayovac to Spectrum brands.

Since then, the company has continued to expand its range of appliances, including quality hair flat irons. This company keeps up with all new technologies and design new and exciting products with a wide range of features to meet the needs and expectations of people who follow the latest styles and fashions.

What Does Remington Do Well?

When a company is popular, it means they are doing something right. Each brand has its own strengths or weakness, so what is it that persuades consumers to buy Remington hair straighteners over it competitors?

The first comment to make about this is the attractive design of each of their products. While the aesthetic qualities of a flat iron do not make any difference to how well it works, it is what catches the eye of consumers and encourages them to read more about the product, thus tempting them to make a purchase.

Secondly, the Remington always produce quality products that come with a guarantee. Most of the hair straighteners they sell come with a four-year warranty.

The quality of the products is proven and customer services are always on hand to help if there is even a minor level of dissatisfaction with the product. This means that consumers trust this brand and will give them return custom.

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Remington’s Flat Iron Plates

One of the most important components of a flat iron is the plates. The size, shape and materials from which they are made can all make a difference to the performance of hair straighteners. Remington has hair straighteners available with either one or two-inch plates. This gives you options in terms of the size of appliance you want and how you want to style your hair.

Most of the hair straighteners produced by Remington have ceramic plates. Some even offer plates with 15 times more ceramic than the plates of standard flat irons.

There are three main advantages to having good quality ceramic plates. The first is that it gives your hair a smoother, sleeker, glossier look after straightening because ceramic is a smoother material than many other materials used on flat iron plates.

The second advantage is that ceramic plates are less likely to chip or crack in comparison to cheaper materials that some products use, such as glass or metal.

The third benefit is that because the plates are unlikely to get damaged, there is no tugging and pulling on your hair during the straightening process.

Another feature of many of the Remington flat irons is rounded floating plates. The rounded edges eliminate snagging, making straightening your hair a pain-free experience. The floating plates help to create constant contact with your hair.

The Technology Remington Uses

Keeping up with technological advancements is one of the main reasons why Remington hair straighteners remain one of the leading brands on the market. This company are constantly looking for ways to make their products more appealing to potential customers and design products to meet the needs and expectations of consumers.

Remington want their products to compare favorably against their competitors and keep their position as one of the top rated flat iron brands. They also want their products to give good results and for customers to find their products easy to use. The technology used in each of the products differs. However, just some of the technological features include the following:

Thermal technology Many of their products use advanced thermal technology to give sleek and glossy locks. In addition to giving the best results, the advantages of products with advanced heating technology are that they straighten hair quickly, they cause less damage to the hair and they are safer and easier to use.

Variable heat settings- Hair straighteners with only one setting limit your options and can potentially damage your hair if the setting is too high. Variable settings allow for you to choose the right setting for your hair type and the way in which you are styling your hair. Choosing a lower setting can limit the amount of damage caused by hair straightening. Some hair straighteners by Remington have up to 30 different heat settings.

Swivel cords- One way in which Remington have made their flat irons easy to use is by adding swivel cords. There are two main advantages of having this type of cord and both relate to the ease of use of the product. First, it makes it easier to move around while styling your hair. Secondly, maneuvering the flat iron while styling is much simpler if it has a swivel cord.

Auto shutoff- This is a great safety feature that Remington have added to many of their flat irons. It is all too easy to leave a flat iron plugged into the electrical supply and this can damage the product and the surface where it is left. The auto shutoff will prevent this from happening.

Quick heat up- One of the features that busy people look for in a flat iron is the speed in which the appliance heats up. They want their straightener to heat quickly so they can style their hair fast when they have limited time. The leading brands have recognized this and reduced the heat up time on their products. Remington have added technology that allows their flat irons to heat in as little time as 15 seconds.

Dual heating systems- Some of the more expensive Remington flat irons boast dual heating systems. The benefit of this is that the plates provide a more consistent, even and precise supply of heat to the hair.

Wet 2 Straight technology- Remington have produced several hair straighteners that equipped with the technology to straighten hair from wet. These have steam vents that safely remove the moisture from your hair and save you time as there is no need to dry your hair before straightening.

What Do Their Customers Say?

One of the simplest ways to know if Remington are a good quality and reliable brand is to look at what customers who have bought and used their products say. There are plenty of hair straightener reviews available online. There are also flat iron reviews for other brands so you can make a direct comparison.

Customers who have bought a Remington hair straightener online have rated their products very highly. The written comments are very positive for their products with most customers saying that they are delighted with the results of using their appliances because their hair looks sleek and glossy.

They are also pleased with the speed they heat up and how quickly and easily they can straighten their hair with these flat irons.

Similarly, the reviews on the Remington Products website demonstrate that customers are satisfied with these flat irons. Only two of the products have a three-star rating while all the others have average ratings of four or above stars out of five.

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 Our Verdict

There are many reasons why Remington has retained their spot as one of the leading brands for hair straighteners. They continue to produce high-quality and innovative appliances that keep up with the latest technological advancements.

The different features their products boast makes this company stand out against many of its competitors.

Their wide range of flat irons each offer different features, so there is a product to meet the different styling needs of their customers. Similarly, there are appliances at different price points, so there is a hair straightener for you no matter what your budget.

Whether you want a cheap and basic hair straightener or you are willing to pay more for a flat iron equipped with a range of features and all the latest technology, Remington have a product that will suit you.

Customer satisfaction is a priority for Remington and this is evident from the quality of their products, the warranties attached to their flat irons and the customer service they provide.

It is for this reason that Remington is a trusted brand and customers return time and time again to purchase more of their health and beauty appliances.

Remington Products continue to expand their range of flat irons and design new products to meet the changing needs of the market. Their products are widely available online or from stores across the globe.

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