Keratin Treatment Pros and Cons Discussed Here! (Brazilian Hair Straightening)

In the current time we live, technology has been able to create a quick fix for everything. Thus, it is not a surprise the hair world got an in.

The only problem with quick fixes is they can be just as quick and in some cases damaging if you are not properly clued on what you are getting into.

Brazilian hair straightening, claims to get your hair straight or even smoother.

As a result, has attracted a considerable amount of controversy. Therefore, let as look through the facts to get a better understanding of this new concept in hair.

If you are one of those women who has been battling with frizzy, wiry or even unmanageable hair and you are seeking for a more manageable solution, then I am sure you have looked into Keratin hair straightening.

How Keratin Hair Straightening Works

The Keratin Straightening is a chemical process that will enable you to detangle and style your hair easily. The straightening treatment will close down your hair cuticle and seal it with the Keratin proteins. The proteins help in achieving the sleek and smooth kind of finish.

Unlike the thermal reconditioning treatment you would undergo, the Brazilian hair straightening is a temporary solution. Hence, it can be carried out on dyed or bleached hair. However, the treatment cannot be applied immediately after dying your hair.

Once you have applied the treatment, it lasts about two to four months, and the good thing it will not break down the structure or the internal bonds of your beautiful hair.

If you have curly hair and would like to give this treatment a go, you don’t need to worry about losing the curl pattern of your hair. As the treatment only smoothens, loosen and soften up your curls. After doing five washes, your natural hair texture slowly returns.

What Is The Process?

It is a very simple process as the stylist will apply the Keratin product, while carefully avoiding our scalp. The next step is your hair is blow dried then a straightening iron used.

You might notice that some stylist would wear masks as they are doing the treatment on your hair, in some salons they might also require you to wear one, this is due to the chemical being applied. As a result, the treatments are usually done near an open window plus a fan nearby.

The treatment process could take two hours or longer, this all depends on your hair type and the length. Once the treatment process is completed, you are advised not to wash your hair for about three to four days.

It is important to note; there are many versions of Brazilian straightening that are available to you, some containing more formaldehyde than other products.

Who Is The Best Candidate For Keratin Hair Straightening?

Unlike most straightening treatments found in the market, the Keratin treatment can be used for any hair type; this is from color treated to curly hair. In fact, Brazilian straightening is perfect for people with tight to very wavy, curly locks.

If you are sick of fighting the freeze day in and day out, then you will love the results of the keratin treatment, especially if you are not looking for permanent straight hair. The treatment can get rid of frizz, even in the rainy or humid weather.

Keratin Treatment Pros & Cons

The big question that needs to be answered is whether to do Brazilian straightening, the following pros and cons should give you a better picture.

Over the years there have been mixed reviews about this phenomenon of Brazilian straightening treatment. Thus, lets us look at the pros and cons so that you can make a more accurate determination.

Pros of Brazilian Straightening

Q.  Is it suitable for all hair types?

The Keratin hair straightening can be used for all hair types; this is whether you have curly, kinky, color treated or even relaxed hair. The treatment has been designed to improve the overall health of whatever type of hair you might have. In fact, the treatment tends to work better on chemically processed hair.

The reason being, chemically treated hair is more porous and is better prepared than curly hair to receive and absorbed the solution. As a result, this is a meaningful advantage, because, almost all hair types struggle with frizz.

How does it smooth and straighten hair?

The treatment will provide a coating of Keratin to your hair, the coating is protein based, and thus this helps in protecting your hair cuticles and strengthens it. The solution treats your hair within and finishes with coating the outside, leaving your hair feeling soft, frizz-free and shiny.

The day-to-day wear and tear on your hair tend to cause damage as your hair is exposed to the harmful elements. In this case, the treatment adds a protein based Keratin to your hair, which immediately seals and strengthens your hair to prevent any future damage from occurring.

A hot professional hair straightener is used to fuse the solution, result in straight, smooth and a more manageable hairstyle.

It will add versatility

The hair straightening treatments will not alter the molecular structure of your hair; as a result, it will not achieve the pin straight results. Unlike the many relaxers that have flooded the market, the treatment will not break the bonds that are present in your hair. Hence, your hair will gradually revert to its natural texture.

The treatment can last around 2-4 months; therefore, this allows you to have the decision on whether to repeat the treatment process or simply go back to wearing your hair in the pre-natural state.

Additionally, the nature of the process will allow you to alter the outcome. For example, if you decide to shampoo your hair before the recommended 72-hours, it will result in some reversion witnessed on your hair curl pattern as opposed to the straight bone outcome.

Is it gentle on your hair?

The hair straightening treatment process is very gentle on your hair; accordingly, it will not cause any damage. Unlike the commonly used relaxer process, where the bonds of your hair will be permanently broken, you are guaranteed the Brazilian hair will not break the bonds in your hair.

Additionally, it does not pose a threat to the structural health of your hair. The main reason being, it is gentle on your hair as it has a pH range of 4 and 5, this matches the natural pH of your hair.

It will make your hair more manageable

There is nobody who likes spending endless hours trying to style their hair; this is where the Brazilian Straightening Treatment comes in, as it guards you against that. The blow dry and flat ironing process is remarkably reduced after you have applied the treatment.

If your hair is not in good shape, then am sure it is sometimes difficult and could be time-consuming to get your hair feeling healthy and looking good. The treatment can improve the health of your hair to a point it becomes significantly easy for you to maintain.

Cons of Brazilian Straightening

It can be time-consuming and a little tedious

If you are opting for the Keratin Straightening, then be sure it will take a couple of hours for it to be complete. On average, the application process could take you about 2-4 hours; all this depends on the length of your hair and your hair type.

In addition, there is also post-application time-sensitive restrictions that will need to be adhered to; it is all to ensure your stylist delivers best results for your hair style. For a straight 72 hours, you are to ensure water does not touch your hair after the application has been done.

Thus, it means you will need to avoid all the activities that would lead to perspiration on your head. Additionally, during the 72 hours, your hair should not be placed in a ponytail, to ensure it does not interfere with the results.

The treatment is costly

The Keratin straightening treatment is not a cheap affair, and depending on where you will get it done, you might find a wide range of prices. In this case, you should expect to pay anything from $150 to $350.

However, the price will vary depending on the type of your hair and length, also consider the treatment will need to be treated after every 2-3 months. Consequently, you can find yourself spending about $1400 annually, just to get your hair done.

It is a Hazardous Chemical

Several debates have risen in regards to the safety of using the ingredient called formaldehyde on your hair, as this chemical is a very important ingredient in the protein solution that helps in straightening your hair. The chemical is thought to be potentially harmful if it is used on an individual who has sensitive skin.

Additionally, it may cause an allergic reaction such as itching or even a rash. When the treatment process is being applied on your hair, many stylists perform the treatment in a well-ventilated area having both parties wearing a mask. Consequently, it has led to some countries completely banning or restricting the use of the treatment.

However, in many cases, the solution is deemed to be safe if a concentration of 2% of the formaldehyde is used in hair and cosmetic products.

Before you use hair straightening treatment, it is important you first to consult your stylist.

The pros and cons above have been able to paint a clear picture of whether or not to use the straightening treatment. However, it is important to keep your stylist in mind when you decide to do this hair treatment. The reason being, they know best what would work for you and your hair type.

Once you decide on the treatment, ensure your stylist is certified to do the Keratin treatment to ensure you are getting the best. Getting certified is an expensive process for the salon, in that case, if you see a salon is advertising they have certified consult them and have them walk you through the process of getting the treatment, this is the perfect time to bring up any concerns you might be having.

Well there you have it, all the facts you would need to know about Brazilian straightening treatment, if you are looking for a more manageable solution for your hair, then you should consider this straightening treatment.

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