VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron & the New Pink Petite Reviewed – Volume Anyone?

Need volume? Unique and revolutionary, the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron actually adds volume, as opposed to other straighteners that can flatten hair.

Voloom reviews from customers show this model of styling tool to be one of the top rated irons on the market today!

We review both the classic VOLOOM Iron (best for medium to long hair) and the new pink Petite Volumizing Iron (best for short to medium hair).

Here’s the low down:

VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron Review

  • Alternating bevel platforms
  • Fast, Effects last for days
  • Suits all hair types
  • Auto shut-off
  • Digital LED display
  • Economical
  • Designed to produce greater volumizing effect
  • Recommended temp settings are 320-350 F for fine, damaged, or chemically treated hair
  • 350-370 F for normal hair, medium, healthy hair
  • 370-390 F for thick, coarse or curly hair

VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron has unique design that can give you healthy, sexy and volumized hair for days, saving you time and money!

Perfect for medium to long hair.

Voloom Classic 1-1/2 Inch Professional Volumizing Hair Iron |...
3,355 Reviews
Voloom Classic 1-1/2 Inch Professional Volumizing Hair Iron |...
  • LASTING VOLUME: The VOLOOM iron is designed specifically to give you lasting hair volume, so you can extend the amount of time between shampoos and colorings. With fewer colorings and shampoos, your...
  • PATENTED PLATE DESIGN: Ceramic plates paired with a patented checkerboard design work on the under layers of your hair to create a hidden volumizing structure or “volume pockets” that lift the top...


The secret mechanism of the VOLOOM Volumizing Iron is its alternating bevelled platforms that are designed to lock heat underneath the hair to lift the roots up and give the appearance of fuller hair.

The unique placement of the platforms and their positions create volume pockets beneath hair layers, thus producing the illusion of greater hair volume that is heat-sealed so it can last for days on end.

Within a couple of minutes, you get bouncy healthy looking hair for days!

You can go days without shampooing and conditioning your hair, which saves you a huge amount of time each morning. Your hair is always up and ready for action with just a few tucks and brushes.

The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron was specifically and especially designed to give you greater volume for your hair with its platform design and heat. This makes the Volumizing Iron perfect for thinning, fine, or aging hair.

It is healthier for your hair too, since you will not need to iron all the way to the heat-sensitive tips that may break and damage easily. All you have to do is to pass it through the oil and nutrient-rich roots which are more resistant to heat, so there really is no damage involved with the VOLOOM Hair Iron.


Customer reviews are mostly very positive, except for one previous user who was disappointed that her VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron stopped working after having it for just less than three months and with light to moderate use.

Additionally, the temperature reading functioned perfectly, going up until the maximum level, but the plates and bevels no longer heated up and were still as cold as if the device was not turned on at all.

Our Verdict

If you have dry, damaged, limp, thin or aging hair and you like to have a bit of lift to frame your face and give you a more youthful appearance, volume is what you need for your hair. The VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron is the perfect tool for you.

If you want to skip on your wearisome daily hair regimen of mousses, gels and blow drying, all you have to do is go for the VOLOOM Hair Volumizing Iron and you need not have any other extra steps to achieve fuller and healthier looking hair.

VOLOOM Petite Hair Volumizing Iron Review

  • Adds volume in minutes
  • 2.5-inch ceramic coated plates
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Locking mechanism for travel
  • Ionic technology to protect hair
  • Alternating bevel platforms
  • Fast digital heat-up
  • Automatic 30-minute shutoff
  • Digital LED display
  • Pearlized finish

Just like its sister product, the VOLOOM Petite Hair Volumizing Iron is designed specifically to help you get the maximum volume out of your hair when straightening.

The unique design allows you to ensure your hair is healthy while achieving excellent results that can last for several days.

The difference with this product is that the compact design is ideal for people with shorter and finer hair who are looking for decent hair straighteners.

The feedback from customers suggests that this is one of the top-rated small hair straighteners currently available on the market.


Just like the larger flat irons by VOLOOM, the petite hair straighteners have beveled platforms. This locks in the heat and volumizes your hair, giving it a fuller appearance.

The unique design of the plates on this iron allow each layer of your hair, even the lower layers, to gain volume and this lasts for days as they are heat-sealed.

Customers love the funky design of these pink flat irons. The pearlized finish gives them a nice look and feel that adds to their appeal.

The manufacturers say that the VOLOOM iron is suitable for all hair types. However, it is specifically designed for people with short or mid-length hair and those with fine hair.

VOLOOM hair volumizing iron reviews written by people with these hair types agree that the petite flat iron achieves fantastic results on their hair. If you have short or fine hair, it seems that this is the best flat iron for your hair.

THE adjustable temperature and LED display allow users to set the flat iron at the best temperature for their hair type. This will reduce the risk of damage to the hair and achieve the best possible results.

Other interesting features that have pleased customers are the automatic shut-off and the lock feature. The automatic shut-off is activated when the straighteners have not been in use for 30 minutes and customers are pleased that this safety feature is included.

The lock mechanism is great for when you are traveling as you can lock the plates together before packing them and this prevents any damage to the plates.

Also, you just need to focus on the oil-rich roots of your hair with no need to straighten down to the heat-sensitive ends.


Although nearly all customers who have purchased the VOLOOM Petite Hair Volumizing Iron have given this produce excellent reviews, there are two minor complaints that some customers have stated in their reviews. These relate to the size of the product and its price.

There are some customers who have bought this item believing it is a travel straightener and then returned it when realizing that it is not.

The manufacturers at no point claim that this is a travel straightener. It is slightly smaller than their larger product and they clearly say that the size is to meet the needs of people with short, mid-length or fine hair. However, the lock mechanism does make this flat iron suitable for traveling.

In relation to the price, some people felt that this volumizing iron is pricey in comparison to hair straighteners they have bought in the past.

However, it is important to note that this is a unique and innovative product that is intended to create volume in your hair. Therefore, it is impossible to compare it to regular hair straighteners when it comes to cost.

Our Verdict

Overall, the VOLOOM Petite Volumizing Iron is the best volumizing flat iron on the market right now. The innovative design of the plates achieves results like no other product that is currently available.

Although it is designed for short, mid-length and fine hair and certainly works well with these hair types, it is actually suitable for any hair and will still give you fantastic results.

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